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Top 10 Best Indian Advertisements On Social Issues

FastTrack- The Closet-min

Indian TV features all sorts of advertisements, many of them are really bad, however, some of them are so good you can see it over and over again.

The advertisements on this list are perfect examples of effective marketing strategies for social problem campaigns that let their voices be heard. Which is exactly why we selected Top 10 Best Indian Advertisements that have truly appropriate messages so they can be watched once again.

10. Tanishq Jewelers- The Double Knot

Tanishq Jewelers- The Double Knot-min

The popular jewellery brand Tanishq comes with a dusky-skinned mom getting wedded and came as a relaxing breeze amongst the overdose of fair and perfect individuals on television.

The ad begins with women getting as her daughter peeks from behind the door. They both move into the mandap and mom connects the bridegroom to the traditional phere. The daughter asks if she can join her mom in the pheras. The ad captured a lot of attention on social media and was shared extremely on Facebook and Twitter.

9. Dekh Le- For all the Gawking Men

Dekh Le- For all the Gawking Men-min

The world becomes uncomfortable for a lady when gawking men surround her. This is the primary concept of this ad. This ad delivers concern of street harassment into focus.

The ad reveals four circumstances where men stare at females shamelessly. After a while, in both cases, the girl, knowingly or unknowingly flashes one on their faces so that the men can see how they look when they stare at. Once this happens and the men come face to face with their actual self with they embarrassed and look away.

8. Myntra- Bold is Beautiful: “The Visit”


Myntra- Bold is Beautiful-min

Homosexual relationships are looked down upon by the community that we stay in nowadays and this beautifully created Myntra ad is a task to this stereotype. Love has no meaning and gender norms created by the community. This is exactly the idea behind this ad in which a lesbian couple gets prepared to disclose their relationship to one of the partner’s mothers and father. Certainly, Bold Is Beautiful.

7. Havells Fans- Hawa Badlegi

Havells Fans- Hawa Badlegi-min

Havells is a brand that has always come out with extremely well advertisements. So it was no surprise when they took up the cause of women empowerment that they would come up with similarly amazing for the same.

6. Google Ad- Reunion

Google Ad- Reunion-min

This was the most shared ad of 2013. The three-and-a-half minute’s movie poignantly capturing the meeting of two friends who fulfil for the first time after the partition of Indian and Pakistan, with help of Google search, hit a resounding note across the country.

5. FastTrack- The Closet

FastTrack- The Closet-min

FastTrack has given an entirely new significance to its tagline, “Move On”. This is another marketing based on the concept of queer rights in which two ladies come out of the closet after one another. The way they look at each other clearly indicates what might have happened in the closet. The ad indicates shifting ahead from the old, stereotypical concepts to build a much more just and modern community. Also, the metaphor of coming out of the wardrobe is absolutely amazing.

4. KBC’s Kohima Ad

KBC’s Kohima Ad-min

This ad is a strategy for one of the most favoured game shows of India, Kaun Banega Crorepati. In the ad, a northeastern lady is asked which country does the city Kohima lie in. For those not aware, Kohima is the main city of Nagaland, a northeastern state in India. The lady chooses for an audience poll in which 100% viewers votes for India as being the correct option. Towards the end, the lady victories everyone’s centre by her psychological query in which she asks; despite Kohima being an Indian town, how many individuals do actually consider individuals from Kohima as Indians? The issue of bias against the individuals from the northeastern state has been brought into sharp focus by this ad.

3. Bell Bajao Ad Campaign

Bell Bajao Ad Campaign-min

This is an ad strategy which was started by Breakthrough in the year 2008. The various advertisements in the Bell Bajao series desire individuals to advancement in order to take a position against domestic violence. In the Bell Bajao advertisements, whenever a situation of domestic violence is witnessed, the individuals close by basically go and ring the bell of the particular house in which this criminal activity is being carried out.

2. Lifebuoy: Help a Child Reach 5

Lifebuoy Help a Child Reach 5-min

Due to attacks from harmful living practices, large numbers of kids die every season before reaching the age of 5. The social concept of the significance of cleanliness and a healthy lifestyle highlighted in this advertisement. This wonderful ad and the work that followed it, done by the people at Lifebuoy tries to counter that exact problem.

1. Vogue India: Start with the Boys

Vogue India Start with the Boys-min

This ad will give you goosebumps when it reaches its climax. The intention of this ad is to show a simple social concept teaching boys to be gentle and treat females with respect. It is an attempt to express successfully the need for taking action to lessen criminal offences against females by changing the way guys are brought up by their parents.

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