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10 Major Haircut Trends to watch for in 2021

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for the best haircuts for women or want to see what the most common haircuts are right now. We don’t blame you if you’re searching for a way to wash away any remnants of the previous year now that we’ve rung in 2021. Though we adore the classic lob as much as the next person, there’s nothing like a little variety to keep things interesting—and what better way to do that than by looking at the hottest hairstyles from around the country?

We asked stylists to share the most requested styles at their salons to bring you the best haircuts for women from all over the world, including curly shags in Detroit, textured bobs in Austin, and curtain bangs in New York City.

1. Bob

The bob has been a common hairstyle for quite some time and continues to be so. The cut is shorter at the nape of the neck and longer in the front, with a cut above the shoulders. It softens features, making it ideal for women with square faces.

2. Pixie

Girls may wear their pixie cut to the side with added volume or with bangs and layers. Since keeping the neck open can make short women with sharp or elongated features appear taller and more polished, this style is perfect for them.

3. Midi

If you don’t want your hair to be too short, go for a midi or mid-length cut. This style can make the torso look longer by barely reaching the shoulders. It’s also long enough to allow for some updos.

4. Bob carré

Fringes and light waves differentiate the carré, which is a form of bob split. This look not only polishes your silhouette but also makes you appear taller. It also gives your appearance a touch of sophistication. It is, by the way, one of the most common 2020 trends.

5. Lob

This is the ideal haircut for a petite woman with a round face. The lob or long bob can add a sense of authenticity and freshness to your look. It can also accentuate your features and draw attention to your chin. This is a really chic haircut that will make you look fantastic.

6. Garçon

The garçon hairstyle is an all-time classic that has recently been resurrected as a trend. This style covers the ears partially and reveals the nape of the neck entirely while adding volume to the top of the head. It can make you appear taller and more distinguished while also giving you a carefree and distinguished appearance.

7. Mullet

The mullet is another style that has made a comeback since the 1990s. This unique and dangerous cut, which is shorter in the front and longer in the back, can make you look taller. It also gives you a carefree, youthful look. Will you be brave enough to try this look?

8. A-line pixie

Another way to rock a pixie cut is as seen here. It’s a slightly longer version of the conventional style with a side section that gives it a sweeter, softer, and more sophisticated appearance. If you’re short and dare to try this look, it will make your hairstyle, upkeep, and care easier.

9. Long and straight

If short hair does not suit you, or if you prefer long hair and want to keep it that way, this haircut style may be perfect for you. And, even if you’re a petite person, it will make you look taller. It is important that if you want this option, you have smooth, straight hair because adding waves or textures will cause your hair to gain thickness, which will not help to lengthen your figure visibly.

10. Chest length

If you don’t want to give up your hair’s weight, a chest-length cut may be the secret to your new look. This is neither too long nor too short; it’s highly malleable and will give your hair texture and volume. Plus, since it’s medium length, it’s a great cut for experimenting with different hairstyles and updos.

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