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Top 10 Most Beautiful Footballers’ Girlfriends and Wives

Attention, hottest football WAGs inside this post be careful! Take your time to read this top 10 to 1 Sexiest Football WAGs. The article brought together the 10 most desired and dreamed Wags by football fans. View the hottest wags ranking of all time, We’ve collected a list of the top 10 most Hottest Wives and Girlfriends in world footballer.

Top 10 Most Beautiful, Sexiest  Footballers’ Girlfriends and Wives

10.Ana Ivanovic – Bastian  Schweinsteiger’s Wife

Ana Ivanovic is a Serbian professional tennis player. She has won 15 Women’s Tennis Association titles and 5 International Tennis Federation titles. At the peak of her career, she was ranked world number one in 2008. She is currently ranked 26th. Ivanovic and Schweinsteiger began a relationship in 2014 and got married in July 2016.

9.Candy-Rae Fleur – Daley Blind’s  Girlfriend-

Daley Blind is dating Dutch model and dancer Candy-Rae Fleur. Her other interests include kickboxing and running. Candy-Rae Fleur is a Dutch model and dancer who has danced professionally at events like the Video Music Awards. She has also spent time as a “broadcast media professional” which could mean any number of things really, but some say that she is the best-looking WAG associated with any Manchester United player.

8.Yolanthe Sneijder-Cabau – Wesley  Sneijder’s Wife-

Yolanthe Sneijder-Cabau is 32 years old and was born in Ibiza, Italy. She has been voted the Sexiest Dutch Woman by a major Dutch radio station three times. Beyond just her looks, though, she is very associated with charitable organization work. He is a co-founder and ambassador for a business that aims to protect child prostitution in developing countries, both by liberating child prostitutes and to prevent such situations from arising in the first place. Her and Sneijder seem to have had a fairly reliable, cheerful relationship in comparison to some others on this record. They were married back 2010, only a couple of time after he appeared in the World Cup Last.

7.Gabriella Lenzi – Neymar’s Girlfriend-

22-years old Gabriella Lenzi is a Brazilian supermodel.  She is super active on Instagram, constantly posting pictures of herself doing advertisements or on vacation in tropical destinations. She has one and a half million followers but doesn’t follow anyone: not even Neymar. They have been seeing each other from just before the 2014 FIFA World Cup. She’s known to be a fitness freak, and she stays in shape through swimming and gymnastics.

7.Lena Gercke – Sami Khedira’s Girlfriend-

One of the prettiest woman alive arguably is Lena Gercke, who’s with Sami Khedira at the moment. She won the debut season of Germany’s Next Top Model and was the host of Austria’s Next Top Model as well. She’s been a very busy girl, and after winning Germany’s Next Top Model, she signed an advertising contract with OuiSet, a modeling contract with IMG Models in Paris. She subsequently was asked to feature in the cover shoot for June 2006 issue of the German Cosmopolitan and she also received an advertising contract with Microsoft for their product Windows Live. She comes at the 7th spot in our countdown.

5.Viktoria Varga – Graziano Pelle’s  Girlfriend-

Viktoria Varga looks like a Latin Goddess and Graziano Pelle is one hell of a lucky guy to have the girlfriend like Viky! While the couple is happy that they both have found each other, they are bit sad that no other guy can have a shot with this woman for the time being. The couple seems to be very active on social media sites like Instagram and they always upload their selfies whenever they’re in a restaurant, a movie, and even a café.  The most interesting that there isn’t any conclusive proof to state a particular time period from which they’ve started dating, but it’s safe to say that it’s almost been 3 years now.

4.Sara Carbonero – Iker Casillas’s Wife-

Sara Carbonero is Spanish sports journalist and television presenter getting married to Iker Casillas. She was named The Sexiest Reporter in the world by an American publication back in 2009. The couple has two sons named Lucas and Martin. They were married in March of 2016. Casillas is considered to be one of the greatest goaltenders, if not just of recent memory than of all time. He has ridiculous reflexes and shot-stopping ability and has been a mainstay on the Spanish national team for years.

3.Pilar Rubio Fernandez – Sergio Ramos’  Girlfriend-

Pilar Rubio Fernandez is a and television presenter and reporter. It’s hard to tell which way to understand this trend. Perhaps footballers are frequently encountering reporters and it is a way for them to meet and begin dating. The beautiful women with connections to famous athletes have an easier time establishing themselves in the media. Regardless, this relationship has stood the test of time so far. Coming in at third on this list of the top ten footballers’ wives and girlfriends is Sergio Ramos’ girlfriend, Pilar Rubio Fernandez. She started dating the Real Madrid captain back in 2012, and they have had two sons, named Sergio and Marco. In the years 2008 and 2009, Pilar was declared to be the Sexiest Woman Alive by a Spanish magazine. Pilar has had a huge number of different acting, reporting presenting gigs in a long career that has lasted for a decade and seems balanced to continue.

2.Ann-Kathrin Brömmel – Mario Gotze’s  Girlfriend-

Ann and Mario Gotze met in a club 2012 and developed a strong relationship immediately. Mario Gotze is perhaps the luckiest guy on the planet for being able to spend his time with Kathrin Brommel.  Ann-Kathrin Brömmel is a 27-year-old In German design, musician, blog writer, and popular social networking existence. She has been associated with modeling in Germany since she was only 16 years of age.  Gotze is a fresh celebrity in the soccer globe. At only 25 years of age, he is fast and versatile and a good playmaker. He has been described as one of Germany’s smartest young talents and he obtained the successful winning goal at the 2014 World Cup.

1.Shakira – Gerald Pique’s Girlfriend-

Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll, known globally simply as Shakira, is a Colombian songwriter, singer, dancer, and producer and one of the best-selling Latin artists of all time. She and Pique met at the 2010 FIFA World Cup, for which she sang the anthem ‘Waka Waka’. They have been together for six years now and have two children.

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