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10 Spectacular Man-Made Structures In The World

London eye, London

If you have ever seen any amazing building that stands tall in the center of a thriving city, the awe that such structures inspire is not an alien feeling. Today, these structures are classified as man-made Structures since it was nothing short of miraculous that such grand structures were built

Top 10 Countries with Most Bitter National Rivalries 2018

India and Pakistan

There are more than 190 nations in this world which are recognized by the United Nation and besides that, there are so many more countries. Sometimes one nation doesn’t like the look of another nation, there’re several reasons for that. So here the article is going to talk about the

Top 10 Special Facts About China

Chinese History-min

With prolonged history, ample traditional customs and different superstitions, there are several intriguing facts that you may not know about China. Here are 10 special and interesting facts about China 1.Tech & Invention China was a land of innovation. For hundreds of years, China was much more innovative than most other countries