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10 Nations That Will Be Tremendously Affected If World War III Happens

World war 3

A war has always brought misery and backwardness for the people living there as there is massive destruction that takes place due to this. Further, there is the huge loss of life and assets which a common man cannot handle. The article is describing such countries that can ignite the

Top 10 Powerful Nuclear Weapons Countries In The World 2018

Nuclear warfare has become a major cause of concern for the whole world at present, The experiments on a different type of nuclear ballistic weapons have been done and now many countries are experimenting with making their ballistic weapons more intelligent and better in exploding the target but the threat

Top 10 Strange, Fun, & Exciting Information About Russia,

lake Baikal-min

very fewer individuals know about Russia   As the world’s biggest country, Russia encompasses involves nine time zones and contains within its boundaries a multitude of cultural categories. For about 7 decades, it persisted as the Soviet Union- a communist superpower regarded by much of the world to be an “evil empire”. With