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Top 10 Hottest Female Politicians Around The World 2018

Maria Carfagna

Today more and more young women are getting entailed in politics to empower and motivate  females around the world, to become the change that women want to see, well this article helps to see the politics with different eyes, here you can get the list of most beautiful and hottest females politics in the world.

10. Luciana Leon: (Peru)-

Luciana Leon

Luciana Leon is young, beautiful and energetic and has all the flicker to shine as a star wherever she moves around. She comes from a political background and has completed her education degree in Governance. She got selected as the General Secretary of Aprista Party for youth section.

9. Maryam Nawaz: (Pakistan)-

Maryam Nawaz

Maryam Nawaz is one of the most elegant ladies you would have ever seen. She is the daughter of Pakistan’s prime minister Nawaz Sharif. She is known for her gorgeous looks, grace and softness when she speaks. She has been working with her father, in liaison for several projects, highlighting as chairperson of Sharif Trust, Sharif medical city.

8. Ruby Dhalla: (Canada)-

Ruby Dhalla

Another hottest female politician and very popular in the world due to beautiful personality Ruby Dhalla is belonged to Canada Liberty party and became the first Sikh lady to serve in Canadian House of common. She was born on 18 February 1974 in Winnipeg, Manitoba to an immigrant family from Punjab, India. She represented the driving of Brampton—Springdale in the Canadian House of Commons from 2004 to 2011 as a representative of the Liberal Party.

7. Orly Levy: (Isreal)-

Orly Levy

Another hottest politician in today’s time is Orly Levy. She belongs to Isreal. She is famous for her bold dressing and perfect figure. She is working as a self-governing member for Knesset. She came from a political background as well, that’s why she had quite an ease in reconciling herself to the desired needs of political grounds. Not only that, she has been in the business of modelling as well because of her stunning and hot looks.

6. Sethrida Geagea: (Lebanon)

Sethrida Geagea

Lebanon politician and MP of Bsharri District, she belongs to Tawk family that owned business in Ghana, South Africa. Her political activism started while at the Lebanese American University and it led to meeting the leader of the Lebanese Forces, Samir Geagea, whom she married in 1991. She earned a BS in Political Science in 1994. She became a successful politician also declare as hottest woman politician in the world due to the prominent and beautiful personality of her country and get a lot of fame.

5. Eva Kaili: (Greece)-

Eva Kaili

Eva Kaili is one attractive lady who belongs to Greece… a place famous for beauty! She is considered to be the hottest and stylish politician coming from Greece. She has been assigned one of the most liable duties of working as a President of a delegation for NATO parliament assembly.

4. Maria Carfagna: (Italy)-

Maria Carfagna

Italian politician Maria Carfagana is the hottest female politician in the world, she is also a model and most popular among the people due to alluring personality. Maria was born on 18 December 1975 in Salerno and worked for several years on Italian television shows and as a model. She later joined politics and was elected to the assembly of Deputies for Forza Italia party in 2006. From 2008 to 2011 she served as Minister for Equal Opportunity in Berlusconi IV Cabinet. She was most beautiful and charming minister of Italy.

3. Yuri Fujikawa: (Japan)-

Yuri Fujikawa

This beautiful and hottest lady belongs to Japan, and is one of the finest marvellous beauty of today’s political world. She exactly knows how to carry herself out, which really makes her stand out from the rest and therefore, no one hardly can touch her legacy league. She has been working as a conservative party member for Hachinohe city and has achieved an early reputation because of her intriquite beauty.

2. Alina Kabaeva: (Russia)-

Alina Kabaeva

She belongs to Russian country,  33 years old Alina Kabaeva is the very beautiful lady and famous all around the world as a Russian Honored Master of Sports, a retired rhythmic gymnast, a model and actress as well as a politician. From 2007 to 2014, Kabaeva was a State Duma Deputy from the United Russia Party. In September 2014, Alina became the Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of the National Media Group.

1. Vanja Hadzovic: (Serbia)-

Vanja Hadzovic

On top of the list, Vanja Hadzovic who belongs to Serbia and is considered to be the top most beautiful and hottest politician in the world. She holds a degree in management in media. She is known as hottest adviser at the Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and only at the age of 27, she has reached the position where one can only dream of. Moreover, she has been playing a vital role as a socialist working for the youth.


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