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Top 10 Best Selling Newspapers in The World

The Wall Street Journal-min

Newspapers are important resources of information for many individuals. This unique List of most study newspaper is compiled keeping in mind to the development and demands of the Twenty-first century.

The top 10 most popular, best selling Newspapers in The World defined below.

10. Zaman, Turkey (Over 1 million circulations)-

Zaman, Turkey-min

Founded in 1986 and was the first Turkish daily to go on the internet in 1995, ZAMAN is a significant, high-circulation everyday newspaper in Turkey. The newspaper is known to be highly related to the Gülen movement of the Islamic preacher Fethullah Gülen, but Gülen himself is not the owner. Although it declares itself as in assistance of democracy and secularism, Zaman is often considered as Islamic, or Islamist, by most resources.

9. Dawn, Pakistan- (Over 2 million circulations)-

Dawn, Pakistan-min

DAWN is Pakistan’s earliest and widely read English-language newspaper. It was originated by Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah in Delhi, Indian, on 26 Oct 1941 as a mouthpiece for the Islamic Group. The first publication was printed out on 12 Oct 1942.

8. The Asahi SHIMBUN, Japan- (Over 2 million circulations)-

The Asahi SHIMBUN-min

One of Japan’s oldest and biggest nationwide daily  newspapers, the Asahi Shimbun (Asahi News) started publication in Osaka on 25 Jan 1879 as a small-print, four-page shown newspaper that sells for one sen (a hundredth of a yen) a duplicate, and had a flow of roughly 3,000 copies.

7. The Sydney Morning Herald, Australia- (Over 2.2 million circulation)-

The Sydney Morning Herald-min

Founded in 1831 as Modern Sydney Usher in, this newspaper was recognized by Englishmen Alfred Keep Stephens, John Stokes and Bill McGarvie, who all helped the Modern Sydney Gazette. In 1995, the company released newspaper’s websites too.

6. The Times of India- (Over 2.2 million circulations)

The Times of India-min

One of the maximum selling  English language daily broadsheet in the world, The times of India was started on Nov 3, 1838, with the name of The Bombay Times and Publication of Commerce. This newspaper is also one of the maximum circulating newspapers in the world. It properly in the most reliable brand in India. The other newspapers by the Times Team are Bangalore Mirror, Delhi Times, Ei Samay The Economic Times, The Maharashtra Times, Mumbai mirror and others.

5. China Daily, China (2.3 thousand circulations)-

China Daily-min

Established on July 1, 1981, it is an English-language Daily newspaper in China. Also known as “Window to China”, headquartered in Beijing.

4. The Washington Post (Over 2.3 million circulations)-

The Washington Post-min

It is a U. S. states daily that were recognized in 1877, making it one of the earliest extant newspapers. It information daily flow of about 474,767 every day and almost the double on Weekend that comes with unique segments like Perspective, Art, Journey, TV Week and the Washington Post Magazine.

3. The New York  Times, USA (Over 2.3 million circulations)-

The New York Times-min

Launched in 1851 with motto printed out in the higher left-hand area of the first page,  All the News That’s Fit to Create. It has structured into various segments like News, Editorials/ Views, New You are able to, Company, Artistry, Technology, Designs, Home, Sports, Travel and special weekly sections on various subjects are also presented. About 1,150 reporters work for this new magazine which recognizes a flow of about 1,379,806 every day around the world.

2. The Wall Street Journal, USA (Over 2.4 million circulations)-

The Wall Street Journal-min

It is based in New York City and is the biggest newspaper in the U. S. Sby circulation. The Wall Street Journal is a unique newspaper for people in the company and economic areas, yet it goes far beyond that status in its treatment of good information. It has over 2,000 reporters across 51 nations and information over 2,378,800 circulations every day.

1. The Guardian, UK (Over 2.4 thousand circulations-

The Guardian-min

It is a British national daily, a part of the Guardian Press Team, possessed by The Scott Trust in Limited. It also has the UK on the online version and two worldwide websites, Guardian US and Guardian Australia. In the UK, this daily newspaper’s mixed print and on the online versions reach about 9 million visitors.


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