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Top 10 Countries With Highest Crime Rate

The United States of America crime rate-min

Crime is everywhere. Some places are safer than others as well as some places are higher crime rates. Here is the list of 10 countries with the highest crime rate in sizing of logical numbers, the information that’s been provided to the world, open secret and valid proof of their negativeness which brings good countries down and not based upon prejudice or typical norms.

10. Belgium-


Belgium is quite a decent nation overall and is relatively secure on a general basis, however, most of Belgium’s criminal offences are somewhat small things yet on a large and frequent scale making it one of those nations with the maximum crime rate. Most of the criminal offences in the nation are road based and are fall as the typical things such as snatching of wallets, chain and bags and some smartly intelligent activity of pic pocketing while right under onto your nose and you wouldn’t even realizes it.

9. Sweden-


Rape seems to be the criminal activity that takes the spotlight in Sweden and is quite expected or limited to happen each and every day due to Swedish being life known for their exceptional beauty as well as their way of life along with an outfit rule  or exposing fashionable outfit that is limited to turn the leads of every man, and unfortunately a wrong men are drawn and a wrong impact of such females are given to them in the process as well. Sweden is said to have one of the maximum rates of rape cases, increasing, according to BBC news and is rank among countries with the maximum highest crime rate.

8. Columbia-


It’s not a surprise that Colombia places amongst nations with countries with the highest crime rate. In real world, the nation is the heart of where drugs, pusher, medicine growing and harvester are located and with approximately GDP value of $10 Billion dollars worth of medicine sell Colombia, the country still is world’s greatest drugs manufacturer, The supply here seems plenty of which another appealing market  to Colombian mobsters is and arranged criminal activity bosses too. This country has most criminal in the entire world and stands at no. 8 in the list of top 10 criminal activity nations with highest crime rate entire globe 2017.

7. France-

France crime-min

The great biggest factor that happens here is robbery and thief and the ones who stay here are so used to it they have become the defence to their factors being thieved. Tourists or professional people that are there on business are not quite as the defense so that results in them fearing to enter into this nation. Who wants their personal belongings that are essential thieved from them by a complete stranger.  Yes, this may happen in all around the globe but France has a higher ranking for this criminal activity occurring. An excellent recommendation is to be cautious when you may area here whether it is for holiday or your work.

6. Jamaica

Jamaica crime-min

Murder is an extremely rated criminal activity in the country and even though it is a sin and against the law to take someone’s life, individuals who stay here are used to this crime being committed. The cause actually has nothing at all to do with drugs or things such as that and everything to do with the Jamaicans behaviour which is courageous and ruthless. No one here is friendly in a typical way so it is actually a fairly terrifying spot to visit out if you are alone and have no one near you to occupy your efforts and time and keep you company also as an individual to be a witness should something happen to you.

5 .United Kingdom-

United Kingdom crime-min

These criminal happens here are connected from major cities and the cycle continues. If anyone from London was to fight and end up killing someone from Manchester it would declare war. Resulting in a war would spread to other cities that were not even on the issue. Because of the high inhabitants, this should be no surprise to anyone else. The nations come together as soon as the news is informed to the places around it.

4. Germany-


They are known for the Home to super motorsports cars and BMW and the unparalleled performance and features that make it one of the best. The history that they have with the Nazi controlling it at some time creates it unusual for the criminal activity to be high. Everyone wants to become Hitler with the power that he left behind. With the fact that they do this makes other individuals mad. Germany is also known for the Ku Klux Klan so when you listen to the name you will recall the history behind it.

3. Brazil-

Brazil crime-min

This country has the city with highest crime rate, stands at no. 1 in the countries with the highest crime rate in the world. The city  Rio De Janeiro is one one of the prominent murder capitals so the crime rate will sure to be greater. Most of those who trigger the crime known as the challenging people they terrorize locals, killing for revenge or to show someone a lesson. You can get an Ak57 and other weapons fairly quickly so when they are being used individuals who are in the way are not even thought about. Innocent individuals are murdered every day and that creates the crime rate so high.

2. India-

India crime rate-min

At Least some aspect two thousand individuals belongs to extreme poverty. That is almost 70 % of the individuals there. Those who suffering  poverty they can take what truly is associated with them and this is a way of survival. This is no reason to steal but it is the fact and it happens a lot. Poor steals from the rich so they can make it in daily life and consequently the criminal activity goes up. There are poorer than wealthy so poor individuals outruns what the rich have and take what they can. Rape is another cause of the crimes that top the list because the women are the most exotic.

1. The United States of America-

The United States of America crime rate-min

The United States of America is the primary crime nation because of having among the biggest nation communities in the world. Due to this fact, criminal activities such as road robberies, Theft of automobile, web relevant electronic crimes such as hacking, rape, youngster porn, armed theft, murder, killing of police authorities, and a recurring list can confirm the last declaration that there’s almost no legal action that America hasn’t seen and managed as yet. This nation is the entire world most crime nation and stands at no. 1 in countries with the highest crime rate in the world.


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