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Top 10 Libraries That Will Make You Awestruck

Black Diamond Library, Copenhagen, Denmark-min

A book is enough to make a reader pleased but the environment around it has the magic to win his heart. The photos and the details of these libraries were sufficient to make you awestruck so just imagine what it would be like to sit there and read a book

Top 10 Best Libraries In The World

Library of Congress, Washington-min

Libraries are established for the systematic collection, maintenance and dissemination of knowledge and information. It is very necessary for people to save and maintain the valuable knowledge and information in the books because every person want to save in wisdom and knowledge for the future. By preserving the books in

Top 10 Oldest Universities In The World That Still Exist

Oxford University-min

This article contains a top 10 list of the oldest universities in continuous operation in the world. This list is determined by the date at which the educational institute met the traditional purpose of a university although it may have existed as a different kind of institution before that time.

Top 10 Fascinating Facts About Delhi University

delhi university Numbers Speak-min

Life happening at Delhi university has been the part the level of resistance of conversation for years…. the university is the hub of the combination of cultures in the capital. Award-winning professors, countless societies, outstanding educational and variety of campuses as well as students make this university unique. Here are top