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Top 10 Disney Princess Girls Love

Rapunzel – Tangled-min

Once upon a time, a man with a dream converted a small animation into an international kingdom. Much of that achievements were built on a set of incredibly feature films, many of which shared a common figure. A beautiful, brave princess. The man was Walt Disney, who died in 1966,

Top 10 Indian Classical Dance Forms


Indian Classic dance has a very rich tradition. The tradition of Indian classical and folk dance has been thoroughly mentioned in Natya Shastra, the earliest enduring text of the world on stagecraft. Traditionally, most of these dancers were attached to the Indian temples. Even nowadays, a number of the form

Top 10 Hollywood Most Expensive Set


In a movie, people usually notice the million dollar special effects and actors, but one of the most expensive and major aspects of putting a movie in the multiplex is often overlooked; the set. In most cases, the set-pieces are stunning as well as big, and sometimes, the story behind

Top 10 Best Indian Advertisements On Social Issues

FastTrack- The Closet-min

Indian TV features all sorts of advertisements, many of them are really bad, however, some of them are so good you can see it over and over again. The advertisements on this list are perfect examples of effective marketing strategies for social problem campaigns that let their voices be heard. Which

Top 10 Best English Movies Based On Friendship

Finding Dory-min

It’s usually romantic films that get the highlight, but there’s something special about movies that celebrate friendship. There are, of course, thousands of other best friends out there, Inspired by this latest story of friendship. So let us know which are your favourites and who you'd put on a list

Top 10 Hottest Girls from around the world

Irina Shayk-min

Who doesn’t love to appreciate the beauty of an intense girl? It’s not hard to be grateful to the ladies who grace this list with their presence and it is certain no one would dare complain about looking at them. While most of the choices for this list are thoroughly

Top 10 Hottest Celebrity Couples of all Time

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi-min

Most couples are tedious, but the crazy, enthusiastic ones with a lot of problems? They're our cup of dysfunctional tea. we've put together favourite super-intense couples in pop culture history. 10. Mukesh and Nita Ambani- The success of Mukesh and Nita Ambani’s wedding is a statement of the performance of the

Top 10 Bollywood Couples Who Did Not Have Kids after Marriage

Preity Zinta and Gene Goodenough-min

The means ‘Marriage’ is not only intended for having kids but, it means bond of love & affection between two people. Our Bollywood celebrities are the best examples, who are spending a happy married without having their own kids. They have shown that not having children does not make a

Top 10 Most Beautiful South Indian Actress of 2017


It is believed that the South Indian movies industries are all about action, glamour, and drama and are growing their level as Bollywood film industry. The action and drama sure do exist but beyond that, it is the gorgeous appeal and the hot starlets that entice film moviegoers to see

Top 10 Hottest Celebrities in The World


Celebrities are very important part of entertainment sectors,, most of the celebrities are from television and Fashion Industry, in other words, celebrities are professionals, therefore, they can be performed and work with success in any area of the life. With a lot of reputation and achievements but some of them are