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Top 10 Largest Tech Companies In The World


Technology companies are those mainly produce: internet, telecom equipment, software, semiconductors, computer hardware, e-commerce, and computer services. This article takes a look at top of the largest technology companies in the world by revenue. Find here this year's Top 10 Largest Tech Companies in The World 10. IBM- International Business Machines Organization

Top 10 Biggest Ships in The World 2017 Update

Prelude FLNG-min

When everyone wonder about the biggest ship of the world, the first name which comes to  the mind is Titanic. It is no doubt one of the most popular ships which met with an unforgettable trouble on its first journey. There are many giant ships than the Titanic ship of which

Top 10 Deepest Oceans In The World

Indian Ocean-min

Oceans and seas are always mesmerizing and wonderful to see. They give a relief to our eyes with their massive sizes and wonderful dazzling clean waters but they are so deep that they can swallow any man-made structure easily. Have you ever wonder how deep would the oceanic and the

List Of Top10 Nobel Prizes Winners Of 2017


The Nobel Prizes established by the will of the great Alfred Nobel in 1895 and awarded since 1901; the others being the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, The Nobel Prize in Physics, Nobel Prize in Literature, Nobel Peace Prize, and Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. We have curated a list of

Top 10 Most Talented human being in the World – 2017 List

Akshay Venkatesh-min

There are no questions that Edison and Einstein were incredibly smart; but today,  there also some intelligent persons in the world who have high IQ levels have increased significantly over the past few years. With this being said These top ten man and woman are most intelligent people alive as