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Top ten most-affected countries of COVID-19 corona-virus

Corona virus

One Asian nation and seven European nations are among the ten most influenced rundown of nations with corona-virus, while increasingly European nations are seeing a flood in cases. The US supplanted China as the nation with the most noteworthy corona-virus cases on 26 March, while over 92% of the worldwide corona-virus cases are right now outside China.

As of Monday morning, July 6, the worldwide count remained at 11,450,247, while the loss of life expanded to 534,273.

The United States on Sunday outperformed 2,888,730 novel crown infection cases, as per a count kept by Johns Hopkins University.

India is currently the third most crown influenced nation as it outperformed Russia, Spain and the UK, with its all out crown cases remaining at 697,413.

Top ten coronavirus affected countries:

  1. The United States tops 2,888,730 coronavirus cases
  2. Brazil with more than 1,603,055 cases
  3. India with more than 697,413 cases
  4. Russia with more than 680,283 cases
  5. Peru with 302,718 coronavirus cases
  6. Chile with 295,532 coronavirus cases
  7. UK with 286,931 coronavirus cases
  8. Mexico now has 256,848​confirmed cases of coronavirus
  9. Spain with 250,545 coronavirus cases
  10. Italy’s COVID-19 death toll rises to 34,861

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