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Top 10 Wealthiest Cricketers in the World in 2017

AB De Villiers-min

Cricket is the second most popular game in the world. With increasing, reputation brands are looking at T20 tournaments to endorse their products and for this, they pay a hefty amount Cricketers nowadays earn a lot with ads and sponsorships. Here is the list of top 10 richest cricketers all over the world.

10. Michael Clarke [ Annually Income – $2.9m]-

Michael Clarke-min

Michael Clarke’s annual income is approximately $2.9m. One of the brilliant and intelligent Cricketer in the Australian team.

He earns huge amount through the cricket board and endorsing with the brands like Spartan Sports, Gillette, etc. Clarke has even been the captain of the Australian team for few years and wonderful cricketer in the Australian team.

9. Yuvraj Singh [ Annually Income – $3.8m]-

Yuvraj Singh-min

Yuvraj Singh He was a reliable batsman at one time within the Indian team. He is always always the popular choice among advertisers. His net profit is around $3.8 huge numbers in millions.

He was the brand of an ambassador of Xbox 360 in 2006 as well as appeared in many advertisements. His major income is thru is IPL agreement.

8. AB De Villiers [ Annually Income – $4.8m]-

AB De Villiers-min

He has an outstanding strike rate that may change the entire match. Probably the most loveable cricketer all over the world. He is known for his intense batting and this batting style made him popular. At the time, he has the yearly earnings of around $4.8m

He earns around $5 thousand every year which comes from IPL and Indian ads and endorsing completely different famous brands. He’s at the time thought of as probably the richest batsman in the cricket world.

7. Gautam Gambhir [Annually Income – $5m]-

Gautam Gambhir-min

He earns around $5millions. He is one of the richest Indian cricketers. This a left –hand batsman is well-known around the world for being one of the talented openers and has a lot of information to his name since he first started playing cricket.

His major earnings come from different brands endorsements and through the IPL agreement.

6. Shahid Afridi [Yearly Income – $5.3m]-

Shahid Afridi-min

Here we go at number with the most powerful middle-order batsman Shahid Afridi from Pakistan known as the aggressive batsman in cricket history, who was born on 1st March 1980. Afridi continues to be one of the highest quality all-rounders in the game. At the time, he’s certainly one of the richest Pakistani cricketers with the annual earnings of around $5.8m.

His earnings mainly come by way of the Contract with Pakistan Cricket Board, different T20 teams and by endorsing several manufacturers,

5. Shane Watson [Yearly Income – $5.5m]-

Shane Watson-min

Now we are in middle this list and here is at number 5, Shane Watson who was born on 17 June 1981, in Australia.  He’s an outstanding batsman in addition to a bowler from the Australian team. He had conducted some nice cricket, especially within the One Day matches. At the time, he has the annual net earnings of about $5.5m.

His earnings mainly come from Australia Central Contract and IPL.

4. Virender Sehwag [ Annually Income – $6.1m]-

Virender Sehwag-min

Virender Sehwag often called Viru was born on 20 Oct 1978, in India. A very outstanding and competitive batsman, who has the ability to play long innings with high attack quantity. Currently, he has the net annual earnings of around about $6.1m.

Virender Sehwag has retired from cricket, So his major earnings come through IPL.

3. Chris Gayle [ Annually Income – $7.5m]-

Chris Gayle-min

At number 3rd  in the list of top 10 richest cricketers in the world 2017, Chris Gayle from Western Indies, was worn on 21 Sept 1979. He is a really terrifying batsman who has the flexibility to hit the ball extremely out of the barrier and he may even be ranking huge run scores. Currently, he has the annual earns of about $7.5m.

His earnings come all through Western Indies Cricket Board, several T20 Leagues, and endorsing many brands.


2. Virat Kohli [ Annually Income – $24.9m]-

Virat Kohli-min

One among the Most handsome cricket players, Virat Kohli was born on 5th Nov 1988, in India. He is an elegant batsman, who has played splendidly and proven a great reliability in his kind. At the time, he has the yearly income of about $24.9m.His income comes all through the BCCI agreement, IPL and by endorsing several large brands. He’s increasing as an amazing man within the cricketing world.


1. MS Dhoni [ Annually Income – $28.7m]

MS Dhoni-min

At top of the list here is MS Dhoni who was born on 7th July 1981. He is considered to be India’s Biggest capain and the captain on the world to have help the major ICC trophy and most importantly he’s at cool even in problematic conditions.He is currently the richest cricketer in the world with total annual earnings of about 29 thousand dollars. Being a really successful captain and individual he earns by BCCI, IPL and he has some huge brand for endorsing.


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