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Top 10 Highest Paying Profession In 2017


Anything worth having doesn’t come simply. No one can be born wealthy, most depend on their job to get them to the top of the monetary steps. It is not simple to have a higher paying job. Such jobs need in depth information and proper qualifications from good institutes.

Here is top 10 best highest paying profession that ambitious millionaires can pursue:

10 .Lawyer – $115,820 per annum-


The Famous lawyers have denied the post of judges in courts just to hang on to their incomes as lawyers. Lawyers require high levels of education, communicative skills, and patience, it can be a very rewarding career.Top level lawyers can demand high charges for a simple case. Lawyers also get the benefit of being revered and well-connected in their community.

9. Air Traffic Controller – $122,950 per annum

Air Traffic Controller-min

Becoming an air traffic controller only needs a bachelor’s degree and three years of on the job training. Although still a still investment it pales as opposed to time linked to other six-figure jobs. Air traffic controllers must be willing to work delayed hours.

8. Judge – $126,930 per annum


A step above a lawyer, judges oversee court cases. Judges maintain authority over all other officials in a courtroom and have the final decision on legal matters. No matter what the case is, the judge’s last decision is law.Judges are required to many years of experience. Judges must be very established in their jurisdiction. Once hired, their position is typically secured for 4 to 14 years. They are hired for life in some cases, such as that of Supreme Court judges.

7. Marketing Manager – $128,750 per annum

Marketing Manager-min

A job with in-depth knowledge of marketing manager can become the business leader of a company. The best advertisement can add millions to a company’s income. Marketing managers obtain a big cut of it.Marketing managers generally need to have a bachelor’s degree. Prior experience in business is also useful.  A clever person with a knack for creating unique advertisements is sometimes hired, even if they have no experience.

6. Petroleum Engineer – $129,990 per annum

Petroleum Engineer-min

This is one sector that makes massive profits. Some of the best-known jobs in this sector include geologists, marine engineers, etc. The gas that powers our vehicles is available in part to petroleum engineers. One can become a petroleum engineer with on the job experience. A mechanical and civil engineering degree can also qualify.

5. Computer Systems Information Manager –  $131,600 per annum –

Computer Systems Information Manager-min

This is one evergreen job which pays really well. One has to be very good with computers.

They must also be capable of managing other individuals like themselves to collaborate on a project.  IT manager requires a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related sector. They have experience and knowledge of computer software, hardware, and repair. Many IT managers are also able to program.

4. Architectural Engineer / Engineering  Manager- $132,800 per annum –

Architectural Engineer -min

An architectural engineer needs to have at least a bachelor’s degree in architectural or related engineering degree. They are also expected to have considerable past experience, especially if they plan to become a manager. If they wish to work more in the management, an MBA is profitable.

3. Dentist – $152,700 per Annum-


Exams, retainers, and braces make dentistry highly beneficial. Basic examinations seem not so important, but healthy teeth make a world of a difference in one’s health.

Dentists need at least a doctoral level to work. They must earn a bachelor’s level in the class of medicine before applying in this field. A dental professional can begin their career after they gain the necessary education and experience.

2. Chief Executives – $175,110 per annum –

Chief Executives-min

Chief Executives are vital for any organization. High-level executives lead companies and manage employees. They plan strategies to sell products, strengthen a brand, and develop productivity. A chief executive’s leadership can make the difference between a company thriving or crashing.

1. Physicians and Doctors – 187,200 per annum (and more!)-

Physicians and Doctors-min

Medical professionals are imperative all over the world. There is never any recession in the medical sector. This profession promises a steady career progress with minimal hindrances to the salary.

Physicians and Doctors the medical field is one of the highest paying industries. Physicians and specialized practitioners in exacting earn large salaries scale. The sky is the limit when it comes to a doctor’s salary specialized surgeons and physicians who own their own practice can draw in millions.


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