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Top10 Most Popular TV Shows In India Of All Time


We’ve accumulated the top 10 list of the best shows for all times which have decided the Indian television for the past years.  So look back at early years and zoom on top 10  Most Popular TV Shows In India Of All Time, we loved.

10. Dekh Bhai Dekh-

Dekh Bhai Dekh-min

Dekh Bhai Dekh was produced by ABCL and directed by Anand Mahendru. Produced like Navin Nischol, Sushma Seth, and Shekhar Suman along with an ensemble cast. The story of  three generation of family members living in Mumbai, it was very much praised for comedian relief. It was a situational funny and was broadcasted on Doordarshan since 1993.

9. Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi

Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi-min

Today many may can’t stand even watching serials such as this but in 2000 when the Virani family entered the Indian houses it made the great revolution. It was the start of Saas-Bahu stories and with it started the success of  Ekta Kapoor in the Tv industry. It was popular with family members and would be watched by one and all. Ekta Kapoor, Tulsi and the K-brigade looked off with this and hence absolutely worth a mention in this list.

8. Shaktimaan-


The best part about almost every young adult’s childhood, Shaktimaan was, is and will always be the superhero who is nearest to our minds and hearts. It was broadcasted on tv every Sunday and children desperately sat in front of their television to watch this show. It persisted during the 90’s and was one of the most famous and most watched tv show of that time.

7. Hum panch-

Hum panch-min

Five sister living with their parents and involving in very funny day-to-day situations of a common middle-class family – that’s the easiest possible description for this particular Show.  It was produced by Ekta Kapoor and was broadcasted on Zee TV. It was an extremely popular TV show in the late 90’s.

6. Byomkesh Bakshi-

Byomkesh Bakshi-min

Back when detective shows were not that common, Byomkesh Bakshi showed Indians what we seemed to be missing out on. This TV show first broadcasted in 1993 and was all about detective stories different from those form The Hollywood and it soon became a popular tv show amongst the Indians. This is easily one of the best show to have ever been telecasted on our tv channels.

5. Ramayana-


This was the first religious show on Indian television that was produced and directed by Ramanand Sagar, broadcasted in 1986. It show was based on Lord Ram a Hindu god, this made this tv show much popular in all areas in India. It gained its fame more because it was a religious tv show and this made it hold the record of the most viewed tv show in the history of Indian Television.

4. Kaun Banega Crorepati

Kaun Banega Crorepati-min

In the year 2000 came an Indian TV series – more of a reality show – which taken the elegant of large numbers across the country. It was organised by none other than the larger than life, the Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan. With half the battle won by the remarkable host, the rest was taken care by the format which offered the opportunity for common men and women to fulfil their dreams.

3. Hum Log-

Hum Log-min

This Show is truly a milestone when it comes to some of the best Indian TV series ever. It first started telecast on Doordarshan which was the only route available during those days. It ran for 156 episodes and at plenty of it ended it was the lengthiest running tv display to have enriched the Indian Tv industry. Ashok Kumar an expert acting professionally on Bollywood would appear at the end of every show of Hum Log and end it by saying Hindi couplets complementing the ongoing situations.

2. Comedy Night with Kapil-

Comedy Night with Kapil-min

Best Show Ever. Can’t stop having a laugh. Kapil is a true talent. Number one Comedy night with Kapil is a comedy show which provides a unique take on the daily life of a common man as the show explains the story of every household and how the common man Kapil is suffering from the simple problems in daily lifestyle around him.

1. Mahabharata-


Mahabharata was a  hugely popular Indian TV series which broadcasted from Oct 1988 to June 1990. It was based on the Hindu epic of was produced by BR Chopra and directed by Ravi Chopra. A special feature of the show was a speech of your time narrating the series at either the end or the start of every show. It was broadcast after Ramayan and enjoyed if not more but equal position in regards to getting the attention of the Indian viewers.

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