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Top 10 Most Beautiful Slovenian Women

Iris Kavka-min

Slovenia is a wonderful country that is found in the southern part of areas of Europe. It has many interesting  things to know about. One of them is gorgeous females from this amazing. These are the most beautiful and sizzling of all women from Slovenia. They hail from parts areas of this beautiful nation of Europe. Most of them are not only beautiful but also learned, successful and diligent. We credit them for their passion and great work.

Below the list of  TopTen Most Beautiful Slovenian Women

10 .Sanja Grohar-

Sanja Grohar-min

Sanja Grohar (February 7, 1984) is a hot and charming Slovenian model. She rose to popularity when she became Miss Slovenia World 2005. This pretty lady of Slovenia has been presented in many magazines on elegance because of her incredible nature and work. She is a superior and  talented lady.

9. Katarina Cas-

Katarina Cas-min

Katarina was born on Sept 23, 1976, is a successful and popular  Slovenian celebrity and TV host. Being a part of several tv series and shot to popularity through this humble background. Many beauty companies spotted her. She has and worked in many hit movies, getting many awards. Most of her movies and local tv dramas are viewed worldwide.

8. Maja Cotic-

Maja Cotic-min

Maja Cotic was born 23 of January in 1989 and was crowned with the title of Miss Slovenia World 2013. This stunning and gorgeous lady has many professional titles and skills but the modeling, acting are the major part of  her career. It is hard to consider as a beautiful lady is a great comedian. She is an incredible Slovenian woman, having the massive fan following the world over.

7. Iris Kavka-

Iris Kavka-min

Iris Kavka is another young, bold and beautiful Slovenian model (born 1992) that cannot be absent in this list. She is ranked in the seventh position of this article. Being a globally recognized lady, Iris is given high preference when it comes to arranging a fashion show.

6. Tadeja Ternar-

Tadeja Ternar-min

On the 6th place of this list is Tadeja Ternar is amongst beautiful females of  Slovenia featured on this record. She (born 1987, Beltinci) is a Slovenian model, who was the winner of the title of Miss Slovenia 2007. She emerged up the winner and made her nation extremely proud. Her personality, especially in the sector of entertainment, is well known as victory.

5. Ziva Vadnov-

Ziva Vadnov-min

She has appeared in many modelling campaigns and contests in her country. Through these humble begining, Ziva has gained a lot of popularity and success. Ziva Vadnov was born 1982 and is the winner of Miss Slovenia 2004. Since that a time, Ziva is successful and fame altogether.

4. Tina Maze

Tina Maze-min

On the fourth position of this list is Tina Maze ( born 2 May 1983) and began acting when she was 5 years old. She is a popular and fame Slovenian World Cup alpine ski racer. She is a elegant lady, having idiosyncratic personality, and amazing gaming skills.

3. Sandra Marinovic

Sandra Marinovic-min

Sandra Marinovic (born 1989, Slovenia) is renowned  Slovenian model. She has indeed grown successful through her modelling profession and various beauty magazines have used her images to cover their cover page. She alsowon Miss Slovenia 2010, and since then has been doing modelling for top fashion brands of America and Europe.

2. Iva Krajnc-

Iva Krajnc-min

Iva Krajnc was born on 10 November 1978 in Ljubljana, and raised in Ptuj, Slovenia. She is hot theatre performer, model, actress and songwriter of all time. She studied at Gimnazija Ptuj. Iva became very famous and successful in taking part in many contests and article. She is also a player and her top professional play was Curek krvi by A. Artaud.

1. Tanja Ribic-

Tanja Ribic-min

Tanja Ribic is the most beautiful of all Slovenian woman featured on this list, ranked in first position. Tanja was born 28 June 1968, is a Slovenian actress, and singer. She did graduation from Ljubljana and is a member of Ljubljana City Theatre since 1992. She has represented her country at Eurovision Song Contest 1997. She is a hot, inspiring and graceful woman, fame  her hard work in acting and singing.

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