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Top 10 Most Mind-Blowing Twist Endings In Hollywood Movie History

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This is a list of the best perspective being in theatre history. You know, the kind of conclusion that creates your jaw-drop, your heart stop, and your head harm. This collection features all the shocking and surprising movie endings that left you without words, twist endings are truly the best?

Here is our ranking of the 10 most amazing twist ending in Hollywood movies history. If the best did not create the cut, ensure that to let us know in the talkbacks below.

10. 12 Monkeys

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A criminal named as Wayne Cole is sent back to prevent the apocalypse in Terry Gilliam’s 1995 story twisty, brain-bender. But he’s returned six years too soon and gets put away in a psychological medical centre. It’s exposed at the end of the film that the dreadful dreams and mad thoughts that Cole suffers from are actually from his childhoods. You see Cole was taken to loss of life at an airport when he was a kid.

9. Psycho


Everyone recalls the iconic shower scene, but let’s not ignore one of the creepiest, freakiest, and the most surprising twist ending of the 60s. It’s well-established throughout the movie that uber-weirdo Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins) is kept on a brief lead by his hidden but thoroughly domineering mother, but once an embezzling adulteress gets lost, and all types of individuals begin putting into Norman’s matters, the terrible secret is revealed: His mom died years ago; Norman was a maniacal schizophrenic who liked to dress up in her outfits.

8. The Others

The Others-min

The movie so good, and this will ruined a really great and unexpected reveal.  This underappreciated gem of a ghost tale stars Nicole Kidman as a stay at home mom trying to figure out WTF is going on with her seemingly haunted new house. Turns out- She and her kids are the ghosts!

7. Memento


In the movie, Leonard’s look for his wife’s rapist and killer continues to evolve and finally leads to us learning that the “real” killer was caught a year ago and it was his supposed friend, Teddy, who was engaged with the whole thing. No one can be trusted in MEMENTO, but buddies who are opponents and enemies who are buddies cause you to question just who the terrible is being truthful in this amazing film.

6. The Prestige

The Prestige-min

Between Batman movies,  Christopher Nolan made the thriller about two opponent magicians. With several changes and turn throughout, the ending shows that the magic is not a technique at all but rather replications of Hugh Jackman’s character designed using a device developed by Nikola Tesla.  The big twist is that Alfred has a twin sibling, the two share one life and will do anything to make the ultimate illusion.

5. Primal Fear

Primal Fear-min

Edward Norton afraid the crap out of movie-going viewers when it was said his stuttering ceremony boy character, Aaron, did not destroy an archbishop because of his multiple personality problems — that was only a trick to protect up the fact that he was a sociopath who relished killing the man in cool blood.

4. Fight Club

Fight Club-min

The movie is another ruined David Fincher masterpiece! In one of the most quoted movies of the late ’90s, Edward Norton and Brad Pitt are actually playing two sides of the same character!” twist coming a mile away. The narrator (Edward Norton) goes along with Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt)’s escalating tricks until people start dying. As Project Mayhem starts to spiral out of control, the narrator sets about striving to shut down the movement, following Tyler’s paper trail from city to city…

3. Seven


The series is nothing short of staggering, but it sometimes seems to surpass an extremely brilliant part of twisty screenwriting. Audiences lose themselves to the detective tale created from the dangerous sins, only to overlook the unavoidable conclusion. The perspective is that the fantastic techniques Detective (Brad Pitt) into supplying the last sin (Wrath) after providing him with a dreadful motive (Envy). It’s very harsh things, but it’s also quite beautifully constructed.

2. The Sixth Sense

The Sixth Sense-min

Troubled and scared Cole (Haley Fergie Osment) identifies dead people in M. Night Shyamalan’s 1999 psychological thriller that completely customized the way we tell phantom encounters. The kid psychological specialist Dr Malcom Crowe is hired to assist Cole with his ghost-issues.  One of the most interesting twists in the movie, it turns out that Bruce Willis’s kid psychologist character is actually dead

1.The Usual Suspects

the usual suspects-min

If there’s any higher reveal than Verbal Kint is Keyser Söze, you want to know about it instantly because it must be awesome. The final shots of the film, in which we all put together that Kevin Spacey, the apparently unskilled disabled man, was actually the mastermind behind the whole damn thing, is truly a “mind explodes” time.

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