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Top 10 Best The watch-making Brands


Accordingly, the best high-class watching brands say far more about the person wearing them than any tech ever could. Every watch is thereby a representation of flavour, personality, sportiness, standard and sophistication, sometimes all at once.  The high-class watch signifies a man’s appreciation for a category, style but most importantly, for custom.

The top watch-making brand includes high-quality edifice, top class design,  style, and reliability. Read below for the top 10 brand that is continuing to make the spot in the top watch-making brand in 2017.

10. Omega-


It is a Swiss watch manufacturer organization are one of the most prestigious in the world. The organization began in 1848 by Louis Brandt. In the year 1917, Britain’s Royal Flying Corps chose Omega as their official timekeepers, which is actually quite an honor. The American military followed in 1918. Omega also is the first watch to be on the moon. Just so you know, James Bond has worn Omega watches in his film since 1995.

9. Panerai-


Panerai is a Swiss watchmaking brand, initially founded in Florence, France by Giovanni Panerai. Offering simple yet bold designs, Panerai preserves its customers throughout the world.

The organization has four lines of watches, named Contemporary, Ancient, Manifattura and Unique Versions. It makes fewer watches as either limited or special edition to maintain its exclusivity. Thus, the organization objectives all types of designs to the world.

8. IWC Schaffhausen-

IWC Schaffhausen-min

Established in 1868, the International Watch-making brand is a Swiss organization, located in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. Known for its amazing technological innovation and craftsmanship, the organization has brought to light many marvellous watches. The best material is used in designing the precious watches, which is a symbol of its credibility. The organization generates watches of all price levels and also, the best ones being in the high-end range. The specialised of the organization is that it is capable of repairing its watches from every era.

7. Chopard-


Established in 1860 by Swiss watch manufacturer Louis-Ulysse Chopard, a brand was more prestigious to create women’s watches and pocket watches. Chopard is not only known for its unique watches, but also for its valuable and beautiful jewellery. Nowadays, it is a kingdom, manufacturing sophisticated watches and jewellery.

The modernised designs of the watches and excellent outlining get them to one of a kind. With excellent watches delivered every now and then, Chopard has become a world-class brand nowadays, which its own type of incredible watches.

6. Rolex-


The organization with the top remains the proven champ in the watchmaking world. Totally independent and not listed on stocks and shares, the famous brand is almost an exception in this top ten, along with Patek Philippe. The brand has developed watches for rough terrain and extreme sports, including famous Mount Everest strip and polar exploration. bonuses are everywhere. Rolex constantly innovated off the classics, earning them a surfeit of “first” in the industry.

5. Ulysse Nardin-

Ulysse Nardin-min

It has been in manufacturing since 1846, when it started by Ulysse Nardin in Le Locle, Swiss. The organization has got much regard for the watch-making brand because of its extremely accurate marine chronometers, for which it has also got many gold medals and awards. The organization also specializes in pencils and components due to their unique, exclusive style.

4. Blancpain-


Blancpain is a key subsidiary brand of Swatch Group Ltd. one of the world’s earliest enduring watch makers and are still famous for class and standard the brand carries. These watches are very fantastically handcrafted by the experts where every minute detail is also taken care of. The collection of the brand’s watches also has a lot to offer for the customer with different looks, style and fabrication.

3. Vacheron Constantin-

Vacheron Constantin-min

This organization was made during of the time 1755 and now is almost 262 years old. This organization has designed and sold some of the best greatest watches of all the time. This organization was established by Jean-marc Vacheron. This watches brand right now the association with Richemont Group and known for their expensive watches.

2. Patek Philippe & Co.-

Patek Philippe & Co-min

Established in 1851, Swiss brand Patek Philippe has set the regular for high-class watches for many decades. In the hands of the Stern family since 1932, the brand likes to remind that it is one of the few manufacturers that are still members of the family owned. Their watches are known for their craftsmanship, understated design, and masterful complications.

1.  Audemars Piguet-

Audemars Piguet-min

This Luxury Swiss watches manufacturer Audemars Piguet was recognized in 1875 by Jules-Louis Audemars and Edward-Auguste Piguet. Since its beginning, Audemars Piguet has continually innovated, creating the first-minute repeater wristwatch, the first jumping second wristwatch, the world’s slimmest wrist watch, and more. Audemars Piguet’s complex, technically advanced movements have been used by brands such as Bulgari and Tiffany & Co.The famous Audemars Piguet selection is considered as most elegant and stylish watches in the world for which it has been added to the list of the top most watch-making brand throughout the planet thus reaching 1st rank.

This was the list of top best watchmaking brands in the world by 2017 and all these are the brands to produce luxurious watches These watches are excellent and have set their standards in the sands of time.

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