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Top 10 Most Expensive & Valuable American Girl Dolls – 2017 Update

Rebecca Rubin-min

The unique American girl Dolls-Samantha, Kirsten, and Molly were first presented in 1986 and have become very popular and rare collectable toys ever since. If in good, these dolls can possibly sell for lots of money.

Below you will find the list of top 10 most expensive American dolls on the market.

10. Julie Albright-

Julie Albright-min

Julie Albright came out in 2007, Julie was a preliminary American girl to be children of divorce, a project experienced by many of a ladies who called her they’re favourite. Her vintage, overflowing personality was an existing take for enthusiasts and now retired, Julie can be found for $140 – $299.99 during online auction marketplace.

9. Rebecca Rubin-

Rebecca Rubin-min

Rebecca Rubin, removed during 2009, was a premature Judaism lady in New York during an early 20th millennium. The kid of European immigration, she mostly found herself organised between her really adore and honour for her family’s enlightenment and her wishing to go in a country usually starting to summarize what perfectly it meant to be American. Living life with skills for a thespian and a confidence of a premature celebrity, Rebecca was an existing hit. Since retired, Rebecca can be found for $150-$259.99 during online auction marketplace.

8. Kit Kittredge-

Kit Kittredge-min

In minds and hearts of many premature ladies, Kit Kittredge is a tip United states girl. Launched in 2000, Kit shown a 1930’s with her expertise and hoyden charm. Always adult for a trip and always ready to see an outstanding side of anything, Kit’s identification went by a ceiling due to a recovery of her movie Kit Kittredge is an American doll girl in 2008. She was also a preliminary United states girl toy retired with brief hair and freckles. A preliminary guide Kit can go for anywhere from $160 – $325 during online auction marketplace.

7. Kaya Kaya

Kaya Kaya-min

Kaya Kaya was a premature woman from a Nez Perce class in a mid-18th centuary. Launched in 2002, Kaya was jaunty and increasingly separate, however, her passion to rush into any situations mostly arrived her in prohibited water. Kaya was holding to her members of the family and group, introducing a perspective of native America as a component limited to United states tale though relying on drowsy tropes and generalizations of a country’s initial inhabitants. Now limited to Be forever range, Kaya in packet condition can bring between $179.99 and $775.

6. Kirsten Larson-

Kirsten Larson-min

One of a strange three girls to be removed in 1986, Kirsten symbolizes a colonize epoch of Western Expansion in a mid-19th centuary. Born in Sweden and looking for an enhanced lifestyle in the United States with her family, Kirsten’s colonize recommendation done her a perfect further to a new frontier. Kirsten was a long-time preferred of collectors due to her blue eyes, difficult pleated braids, and primary though flattering outfit. Outdated truly, unboxed Kirsten is available for $300-$750 during online public auction marketplace, though over $2000 in bundle situation with full components.

5. Felicity Merriman

Felicity Merriman-min

Felicity is one of the earliest baby dolls and was retired in 2011. A company toy from 1991 currently has a beginning price of $1,250. Felicity was a preliminary toy of the second array in a historical range. Felicity experienced challenging options over where her commitment lay; with Britain or with a having difficulties independence of a rising united states f America. A partner of horse Felicity hit a note with the premature girl, generally after a restore of her movie Felicity.

4. Molly McIntire-

Molly McIntire-min

Now that she has been ceased, Molly baby dolls can be found on online for as low as a few $ 100 and as great as $1,200. Molly, along with an extensive variety of clothing and accessories can be seen for an asking bid of $1,124.99.

3. Samantha Parkington

Samantha Parkington-min

This particular toy was obsolete and recently brought back because of her popularity. An exclusive, In ideal scenario and with accessories, Samantha can be seen for anywhere between $600 to over $2000 during on the online public auction industry.

2. Kanani Akina-

Kanani Akina-min

Even though she is a more latest toy, Kanani is incredibly desired. She was a particular baby girl of the year in 2011 and is incredibly rare! A Kanani Toy considerable asking  cost of $2,468.99.

1. McKenna Brooks

McKenna Brooks-min

McKenna was a girl of a year for 2012, modern lady essential in Seattle. Strong-willed and recognized, McKenna hardly struggles with certain aspects of life. Brilliant and insane, McKenna is simply easy for complicated girls to describe to usually her dreams of jaunty success,  Her film, McKenna Releases for a Superstars was eliminated in 2012. As a limited-release Woman of a year,  McKenna and her full accessories price will from $750 to a huge $2,399.99!


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