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Top 10 creative ways to eat mangoes this summer

Sweet or tangy, ripe or raw, you can’t refuse the fact that you basically love mangoes. Well, if you, like us, are an avid fan of the king of fruits, you are sure going to try these 10 awesome and impressive methods to enjoy your favourite summer fruit, Mango.

10.Magolicious Summer

Besides hot and moist climate, summer delivers along with a few awesome delicious treasures; Mango possibly being the best of them. But, is shedding and cutting the only way to eat magnificent mangoes? We say NO, there are many.

Mangoes are carefully selected gifts of summer. Apart from the typical shedding and cutting, here are some other awesome methods in which you can have mangoes and like the upsetting summertime.

9.Mango Jam

Get yourself a jar of mango jam and start your day with a bread distribute with mango jam. You may also enjoy your snacks with the jam.

8.Aam Papad

Aam papad comes in a covered package of slim linens of maintained mangoes with various fillings of gulukand, chaat masala, grape etc. An excellent Summer snacks, its exclusive, tangy flavour is a hit among young women.

7.Mango Chutney

Another fun way to enjoy a mango is by making chutney of it. The sweet and bitter plate has a tangy flavour that simply leaves you with a sweet aftertaste. Mango chutney is created using mango pulp and pieces along with spices or herbs, jaggery and condiments. The chutney is basically lip-smacking and can be eaten as a side with rice, chapati and gravy. Most women ensure it is at your house clean but you can even find it in shops nowadays.

6.Mango Dessert

Mango is full of sweet flavour and is ideal to use in sweets as it means you do not have to add more glucose to the sweet. From mango kulfi to mango ice creams, sorbets and desserts, there is so much you can enjoy. Most dining places come up with mango exclusive special snacks in summer as these are periodic most favourite. This plate easy for making at your house and ideal for summer as it is chilled.

5.Mango Milkshake

One of our preferred mango blends is definitely mango milkshake or tremble. The fruit and dairy mixed together for making a delicious drink that we can enjoy at any time, any day. Mango milkshare is a thick shake that is relaxing as well as stuffing and can be had breakfast or in the evening. You can add glucose for a sweeter flavour. If you want to ensure it is bulkier, you can add cereals to it and voila! you have a stuffing breakfast. Use a scoop to enjoy it if you add muesli or cereals to mango milkshake.

4.Mango Cocktail

If you cherished mango fruit juice is a kid, you can use it for making several beverages for your next house party. Mango beverages are a summer cure that is served chilled and are excellent for those share events or simple get-togethers over the past end of the week. Most mango beverages use mango pulp, mango fruit juice or mango pieces. The benefit of mango mixed with your preferred toxins is a drink that is hard to avoid.


Do you drink it, do you sip it or is it a dip? Aamras is everything and more and is created in several Indian homes every summer. The dense drink which is often eaten along with puris is intensely cherished every year. Some, however, basically like to down their throats in a cup while some use a scoop to love it one sip at a time. Whatever way you like it; aamras is a must-have in summer. It is basically a drink with a dense reliability and results in mango fruit juice. The sweet-tasting fluid is an immediate feelings lifter in the hot summer season.

2.Mango Drink

A mango drink that is delicious and healthy, mango lassi or a mango tremble is a relaxing one to defeat summer heat. Both require mango pulp and curd. You can add a spoonful of glucose if you want it to be more gratifying or enhance it with sweetie as well. In a tremble, you can add other fruits as well like bananas to ensure it is denser and drink it post your workout. But have these cold and you are likely to feel better in the hot sun. If you think the lassi is too dense for your preference, dilute it by including a little water and mix it well. Use a mixer for making these beverages so that the ingredients blend well with each other.

1.Aam Panna

Before mangoes mature and turn yellow-colored, you can enjoy in Aam Panna, a drink created from raw mangoes. This relaxing sweet and bitter drink is getaway of tastes in the mouth and when served chilled, it makes for a relaxing chilly. Aam Panna is also an excellent intestinal as it has various spices or herbs in it that ease the abdomen. Drink aam panna for a few more times before all the mangoes become ripe and gold. That drink is usually created at your house and saved in a container in the fridge. However, some fruit juice manufacturers do offer packed aam panna as well that you can enjoy.

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