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Find World’s Top10 Most Beautiful Valleys You Would Like to See

Valley of the Ten Peaks

Winding rivers, steep mountains with amazing flora and fauna – the beautiful valleys are spread with wonderful natural surroundings. People love to spend a tranquil and enjoyable time when they visit these valleys. Connect with nature and deep in phenomenal views in world’s 10 most beautiful valleys You Would Like to See.

10. Barun Valley, Nepal-


With tall, green forests, peaks dusted with white snow, and booming waterfalls, Barun Valley is most enchanting valley that looks like landscapes straight out of a painting. This valley is considered as home to the holy Barun River where a large number of pilgrims come every year to get blessings. The dense virgin jungle and rich wildlife put this place straight on your top 10 list.

9. Kalalau Valley, Hawaii-


Another one of top 10 most beautiful valleys in the world is the Kalalau Valley situated on the island of Kaua’i in Hawaii. The basin is difficult to get and can only be reached by kayak, or by hiking along the Kalalau Trail. By the Kalalau Beach at the end of the trail mangoes, and cherries grow though waterfalls drip over the edge of the valley slopes.

8. Lotschental, Switzerland-

Lotschental, Switzerland

Lotschental is one of the most exclusive views in whole Switzerland and Europe. Situated in the Bernese Alps, Lotschental is the largest valley on the northern side of the Rhône valley in the region of Valais in Switzerland and can be explored by tourists as much as they want to.

7. Harau Valley, Indonesia-

Harau Valley, Indonesia

With breathtaking landscapes Harau most beautiful valley which can be explored on foot will show you is rice fields, rocky mountains and forests and easy homestays are available near the valley so as to avoid difficulty you can stop to get refreshment for further discoveries in Indonesia.

6. Valley of Ten Peaks, Canada

Valley of the Ten Peaks

The Valley of Ten Peaks is one of the most beautiful in the world. The hike from Lake Moraine to Lake Eiffel, reflecting the 10 peaks that place above in its milky-blue and glacial water. The upper end of the valley offers the most panoramic views in this part of the world.  The landscape in this valley is incredible and the colours so lucid that at first glimpse it resembles a painting.

5. Simplon Valley, Italy-

Simplon Valley, Italy

Another amazing sight to see awaits in parts of the valley that have been pretentious by rock slides, as colossal boulders have fallen from the hills into the river and the forest, this marvellous place is hiding between Pennine and Lepontine ranges-which reach around 4000 meters high.

4. Romsdal Valley, Norway-

Romsdal Valley, Norway

The Romsdalen valley of Norway presents a splendid sight. With its calm rivers, powerful mountains and endless greenery.  Norway’s can also surprise you with beautiful valleys. If you are not much of a climber, Romsdals still has much to provide. Dip you in the Rauma and drink in all the wonderful views that this valley has to offer.

3. Haa Valley, Bhutan-

Haa Valley, Bhutan

This valley is hiding from the viewers’ eyes and is the least known though breathtaking places in the world. The word Haa is actually means of hidden, maybe it is enhanced to keep it maintained. But it is a must see place in springtime, where everything is in blossom!

2. Nubra Valley, India-

Nubra Valley, India

Nubra is located at about 150 Km from the town of Leh, get a permit even to access the valley and it forms a huge valley when combined with another part in the valley. It also needs foreign nationals to allow to enter this valley.

1. Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland-

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

Lauterbrunnen is one of the most beautiful valley in the world. Surrounded by rock faces and mountain peaks, the valley has 72 waterfalls and hence the name Lauter Brunnen With its secluded valleys and colourful alpine meadows, Switzerland is a very famed destination to celebrate springtime with plenty of places to visit in Zurich and around.

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