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Top 10 Deadliest Roads In The World

North Yungas Road, Bolivia-min

Taking a drive through the countryside can be such a wonderful, comforting experience. Those long, lonely roads with hardly any cars on them are perfect for joy rides… unless they’re one of the streets in this list of some of the dangerous and deadly roads in the world From rocky hill goes to spinning, winding roads that make speeding difficult, these are definitely not intended for every drivers!

Here’s the list of  top 10 most Dangerous and Deadly In The World—

10. Stelvio Successfully passes, Italy-

Stelvio Successfully passes, Italy-min

At 9,045ft up in the Alps, the Stelvio Successfully pass is one of the most beautiful scenic drives in the world the views are amazing and insane. But appreciating those vistas may cost you; the 180-degree turnings are very dangerous, the concrete barriers low, and winter brings icy roads and slick conditions. One wrong move could send over the cliffs.

9. Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway-

Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway-min

The Atlantic Ocean Street offers absolutely spectacular attractions and is a popular tourist destination.  Considered one of the most stunning roads trips in European countries, the Sea Road has its dark moments. The five-mile road links islands between Kristiansund and Molde features eight bridges and has a notorious expand along the ocean that gets battered by huge waves and fierce winds during stormy weather. Conditions get insane enough that you’ll wish you stayed in Oslo.

8. Skippers Canyon Road, New Zealand-

Skippers Canyon Road, New Zealand-min

A couple of shepherds found gold in the Shotover River near Queenstown in the year of 1862.This road took 22 years to complete, and it doesn’t look much different today than when it was first built. This, in turn, necessitated the creation of an access route, and the result was Skippers Road, a narrow, winding, and exhilaratingly dangerous reads that turns and twist for about 16 and a half miles through Skippers Canyon. In most places it’s too much narrow for vehicles to pass each other, there are no guardrails, and the drop offs leave absolutely no room for mistake.

7. Karnali Highway, Nepal-

Karnali Highway, Nepal-min

Just like Old Yungas Road, the 155 miles Karnali Hwy in the Himalayas of West Nepal is a death wish around 50 people die there a year. The dirt road’s surface is so bad that even cyclists who travel there for the stunning views are usually like. And as you can imagine, vehicles that attempt to drive the road tend to slide on patches of dirt, jammed on high climbs, and generally get screwed up from one too many potholes.

6. The Bayburt Highway (D915),

The Bayburt Highway (D915), Turkey-min

Turkey- It’s no more than a dirt road winding through 66 miles of the foothills of Mount Sogani. To give the D915 street in Turkey the name of the road is a slight exaggeration. The road, built in 1916 by Russian Soldiers during the Trazibond campaign against the Ottoman Empire is always busy with local vehicles and has become disreputable in recent years for its large number of dead.

5. The Highway of Death (BR116), Brazil-

The Highway of Death (BR116), Brazil--min

This second longest road in Brazil has been titled “The Highway of Death” for clear reasons. Every year thousands of people die due to its poor repair and maintenance and even hazards from gangs and bandits. The poorly maintained road, which is not continually paved, is filled with a high concentration of tired and overworked truck drivers. This combined with frequently changing weather, the several deep potholes and unexpected tight turns have all combined to keep this road known as ‘The Highway of Death.’

4. Fairy Meadows Road, Pakistan-

Fairy Meadows Road, Pakistan

Fairy Meadows is a nearby valley with peaceful views of the huge mountain but the road conditions on the 10 miles Fairy Meadows Rd is a recipe for death high altitude, combined with risky, graveled roads  with narrow passages all mean that you’re in for a wild ride, a steep 6 mile ascent and there are no guardrails.  It is actually an extremely narrow and dangerous 10 km stretch of road that leads to the Killer Mountain in Pakistan.

3. James Dalton Highway, Alaska-

James Dalton Highway, Alaska-min

The Dalton Highway is the most separated and knows as the snowiest highway in the world connecting three small Alaskan villages. It is also considered most infamous sucky road is the James Dalton Hwy, a 414 miles passage between the Arctic Sea oil fields and civilization. Winter is peak season for drivers, and high winds and icy weather conditions turn the road into a Slip & Slide for heavy vehicles.

2. Sichuan-Tibet Highway, China-

Sichuan-Tibet Highway, China-min

Like many other roads that cut through mountains, the Sichuan, Tibet Highway is flat to landslides,  rocks sliding, and extreme weather that can close roads for a month at a time. Tibet Highway covers around 1,500 miles between Chengdu in the east and Lhasa, Tibet in the west, offering the choice between the northern and southern route. Both routes  boast beautiful scenery, high mountain peaks, and many famous rivers but keep in mind that it will also add a good dose of passion to your driving adventures.

1. North Yungas Road, Bolivia-

North Yungas Road, Bolivia-min

This is no.1 most dangerous roads in the world, somewhere between 100-200 fatalities occurred every year, With steep mountains on one side and a sheer cliff on the other, If other roads seem hazardous, the old Yungas Road is nothing less than a suicide mission.  The roadside is currently full of passes across and memorials. For obvious reasons, locals have given it the title of Death Road.


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