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Top 10 Best Things For Celebration Of This Diwali -2017

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In 2017, Diwali starts with Dhanteras on October 17, Diwali is celebrated in south India on October 18th and The main festivities take place on the third day, this year, on October 19. Each day of the event has a different significance. The first day, Dhanteras marks the begin of Diwali. The second day is known as Naraka Chaturdasi Choti Diwali Rangoli is created in doorways and courtyards of homes,  On the third and main day, lots of small clay diyas and candles are lit and placed in houses, giving Diwali its title of Festival of Lights.

As everyone eagerly waits for Diwali, Here’s the top 10 best things that you must do this festival, in lieu of your firecrackers plans.

10. Go For Family Shopping  

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Spend a while to your close relatives and spend on purchasing with them.  Give markets a skip and visit shopping malls to acquire lots of Diwali discount rates on home goods, toys and games and clothing.

9. Decorate Business Place and Home

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How about going a little innovative this Diwali? Take the colour you should paint a room or in whatever colour you like. Bring some fresh flowers and put your innovative hat on. Decorate your home like a recently wed lady and see how amazing it seems. Your home is your place and it should look nothing less than a heaven, Fill the home with flowers and lights to create a joyful element around you. Make it that wonderful this Diwali. Try making rangoli and share the images with social media

8. Make it a Family Affair

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Spending Diwali with family helps in building up your connection. In case you live away from your members of the family, book your ticket and get yourself amongst people that matter the most to you. The indulging that you’re going to get from your folks is only a power.

7. Bring out Ethnic Culture

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On this Diwali, say no to technological innovation and use more of earthen lighting than the variety of digital lighting. Allow the inadequate lamp seller to earn on this Diwali so that they could also spend their Diwali perfectly. Lights up the homes typically with earthen lighting or diyas and candle.

6. Clean  home around

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What could be a better way to brighten up your house than decorating it with diyas and other kinds of elegant lights. Cleaning up your house is not the only aspect you should do this Diwali. This cleanliness generate should increase to your community also.

5. Don’t Buy Sweets from Just Any Shop

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Sweets, sweets & more sweets! Diet usually go for a throw during Diwali while we guiltily engage ourselves. Nothing like a home smelling of good sweet on an auspicious day. You can help out your family members by cooking a delicious sweet and grand feast or surprise them with a grand brunch on the day of the Diwali.

4. Don’t drink & drive

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Protection causes are on the aware and if you think that you can get away from their sight and go crazy on the roads after a booze party then you are wrong. If you really want to get a little tipsy then the best place is home!

3. Making Special Gifts

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Instead of purchasing crackers, how about buying presents for your family and friends this Diwali? Sure, exchanging gifts was a part of the custom earlier too, but now that you have more profit side, say to no crackers, why not put some more thought into gifting the ones you love something really special?

2. Make Rangoli

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Colorful Rangolis with coloured powder or flowers are made at the entrance of residence and business places

1.Join Public Space Celebrations Of Diwali

Join Public Space Celebrations Of Diwali-min

Even if you don’t practice Hinduism, Sikhism Buddhism or Jainism, you can still join in the Diwali celebrations that are held in many public spaces. Either pay a visit out their home or arrange a do at your own place. Paying attention to the joyful trend.  Attend public parties,  concerts and feasts for Diwali. Wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous Diwali.

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