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Top 10 Facts about Raksha Bandhan -The festival of unity

Rakhi Was Connected To Lord Indra By Indrani-min

Raksha Bandhan is a significant Hindu festival celebrated by all over India every year. This unique occasion falls on the lunar day of Shukla Paksha Purnima during the month of Shravana. Raksha indicates security and Bandhan indicates a powerful connection. This connection between brothers and sisters is regarded as being quite unique by Hindus, Jains and Sikhs all across the world, and is celebrated with excellent magnificence. Remarkably the festival of Rakhi has historical origins of a lot of importance. Here you are going to study 10 Exciting facts About Raksha Bandhan

10. Draupadi Once Linked Rakhi To Master Krishna


Once Lord Krishna cut his hand during kite flying, after seeing this Draupadi instantly tore a piece from her saree and tied with Krishna’s hand. In return for this Lord Krishna promised to protect Draupadi in any situation. Later Lord Krishna protected Draupadi during her Vastra Haran. Now this one Exciting Information About Raksha Bandhan.

9. Rakhi Was Connected To Lord Indra By Indrani

Rakhi Was Connected To Lord Indra By Indrani-min


The customized of Raksha Bandhan was not always associated with brothers and sisters. In a festival in pre history  Indrani, the wife of Lord Indra tied a thread on Lord Indra’s wrist. She had tried it before Indra went on to battle the Devils. It opposes the favoured perception that only friends tie Rakhi to bros in return for a guarantee to protect them. Later the context was modified to be some festival in the way it is known nowadays.

8. The Tale of Alexander the Great and Porus

The Tale of Alexander the Great and Porus-min


In the historical festival, it is thought the King Porus controlled Alexander the Great from killing because Alexander’s wife sent him a rakhi.

7. Celebrated By Other Spiritual Too

Celebrated By Other Spiritual Too-min


Raksha Bandhan is an excellent party of oneness not only among friends but for the whole of the community. It is a festival that features the public elegance and reliability of Hinduism and Indian too. It is a festival that is celebrated in the various international country also, and even by people of other beliefs.

6. Rabindranath Tagore and Rakhi Bandhan

Rabindranath Tagore and Rakhi Bandhan-min


Not lots of people know that Rakhi was used as a social device by Rabindranath Tagore. The well-known poet and freedom fighter recommended the customized of Rakhi to enhance the text between Hindus and Muslims during the independence battle. The festival also goes beyond the type of faith in the country even now.

5. The locations where Raksha Bandhan is celebrated with joy

Celebrated By Other Spiritual Too-min


Raksha Bandhan is celebrated all over the India and also in Nepal. Many Indians who settled down in out of India also enjoys this festival. Many Indians residing in Pak also enjoys Rakhi and People of Mauritius also enjoy it.

4. A Festival of Exchanging Gifts

A Festival of Exchanging Gifts-min


After sis tied the knot on her brother’s wrist, to their sisters, brothers give money as part of shagun. Sometimes, sibling gives gifts to his sis as a part of the celebration.

3. Why Sister Tie Rakhi on Brother’s Wrist?

A Festival of Exchanging Gifts-min


Did you know? Why sis tie the rakhi on brother’s wrist? Sister requires a promise from her sibling that he will protect her. It is one of the essential information about Raksha Bandhan.

2. When it celebrates


Raksha Bandhan celebrates on Sharva Purnima Every year on August; it comes on the full moon of the day

1.The celebration of today


Now, the custom is different over the years but the festival is still celebrated with complete passion and zeal! Sisters buy wonderful rakhis and even make them for their bros and families get together and appreciate the day joyously.


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