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Top 10 Worst Natural Disasters of All Time

Natural Disasters are unexpected events that make  destruction, many of damage of life carried about by forces apart from the acts associated with humans. Natural disasters may be caused by landslide, earthquakes, storm,  River flood, volcanic eruption etc.Natural disasters which bring mostly earthquakes and floods for which historians can provide accurate death tolls, however, have killed an estimated total of 10 million people.

Here, the top 10 Worst natural disasters of all the time-

10. 526 Antioch Earthquake – 250,000 Lives  Lost-

When people think of natural disasters, many think of Pompeii as the granddaddy of them all. But the simple truth is, Pompeii’s loss of life is only approximated at around 1.5% of this earthquake which happened several hundreds of years later. In what is now Poultry, a approximated 7.0 earthquake hit Antioch, which can be found on not one, or two, but three individual fault lines converging together. There would be aftershocks for annually and a half year after the initial event, which would see the area of the city expand up over 2 feet. This would cause the economic disaster as their primary delivery harbor was delivered ineffective, and houses were ruined. It is said that shoots went on for days, and the loss of life was due to the huge numbers of a visitors from around the nation who went to celebrate Ascension Day.

9. 1920 Haiyuan Earthquake – 273,400 Lives  Lost-

The 8.5-magnitude Haiyuan earthquake hit the heart of a Haiyuan area of the Ningxia Province in the Republic of China on Dec. 16, 1920. It’s also known as the Gansu earthquake because Ningxia was a part of Gansu Province at the time. With a landlocked earthquake, nearby towns were wholly leveled, causing excessive damage throughout the country. The quake killed 235,502 people, according to the Listing of Damaging Earthquakes in the World, which is maintained by the International Institute of Seismology and Earthquake Engineering in Japan.

8. 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami – 280,000  Lives Lost-

It was one the Worst Natural Disasters in the recorded history. In 2004, the day after Christmas, 2004 turned out to be a curse and not a gift to mankind. Deep in the Burma tectonic plate and under the Indian Ocean, there was a 9.2 magnitude earthquake. The epicenter was under the ocean on the planet, and it aggressively shakes the particular ocean that leads into destructive waves which were up to meters high. The devastation was widespread, as were bizarre reports of tsunami waves well over 10 meters (30 feet) high, and bringing ships over a mile inland from the shore, settling in on farmland. Indonesia has been the hardest-hit nation, accompanied by Sri Lanka, Thailand, and India. It was the longest period of faulting ever observed, between 8.3 plus 10 minutes. There were over 1.5 million lives nearly to have been lost and 1.3 million people became displaced, homeless, or without work.

7. 1839 India Cyclone – 300,000 Lives Lost-

On Nov. 25, 1839, What became known as the “India Cyclone” hit the Coringa region located in Andhra Pradesh, India. The cyclone triggered a 40-foot-wave that destroyed much of the village. Most of the people who lived in the city, and whose ships were docked there, did not survive.  with about 20,000 people drowning at sea. An approximate total of 300,000 people killed because of the disasters.

6. 1737 Calcutta Cyclone – 300,000 Lives Lost-

Before we get started with number 6 of the worst natural disasters, some notices need to be made on the 1737 Cyclone. First of all, there’s inconsistent reviews on whether it was a Cyclone or a Cyclone and a contingency earthquake.  That being said reviews right at that moment list as many as 20,000 meaning that a vast majority of casualties were outside the city and on the southern shores and harbors.

5.1970 Bhola Cyclone – 375,000 Lives Lost-

The deadliest cyclone ever recorded, the Bhola cyclone struck East Pakistan (what is now Bangladesh) and India’s West Bengal on Nov. 12, 1970, flooding much of the low-lying islands of the Ganges Delta. Storms and seawater would end up causing floods, mudslides and the destruction of water wells. Around 500,000 people killed, mostly because of the floods that resulted from the cyclone’s storm, or a rise in water level that overtakes the shore. It is often commented that had the government allowed international assist in a more efficient manner, several thousands of lives could have been saved.

4.1976 Tangshan Earthquake – 448,500 Lives  Lost

On This Summer 28, 1976, the epicenter of the Tangshan Earthquake hit near Tangshan, an industrial city with roughly one million population situated in Hebei, People’s Republic of China. Tangshan’s heavy population was troubled by the magnitude-8 earthquake. The China government initially revealed a loss of life cost of 655,000, but that number was later re-estimated to about 242,000 individuals.

3. 1556 Shaanxi Earthquake – 830,000-

In Jan. 23, 1556, the most harmful earthquake ever documented happened in the Shaanxi region and the nearby Shanxi region, situated in north China. The disastrous earthquake had a rough scale of 8 and killed roughly 830,000 individuals. This loss of life cost is believed to have reduced the population of both regions by about 60 percent.

2. 1887 Yellow River Flood – 1.45 Million-

The Yellow River Flood, the worst flood in the human history and the second most harmful catastrophe ever, happened in Sept 1887, when the Yellow-River Flood, overran the dikes in China’s Henan Region. The flood troubled 11 large towns and hundreds of villages, leaving millions abandoned. The flood rich waters covered 50,000 square miles, eliminating approximately 900,000 to 2,000,000 individuals.

1. 1931 Chinese suppliers Surging – 2.5 Million-

The most severe natural catastrophe in the history, the Central Chinese  Floods happened from July to Aug 1931, when the Yangtze River overflowed and caused a series of floods. As a result of the massive flooding, approximately 3.7 thousand individuals died from sinking, disease, and starvation. According to the National Oceanic and Environmental Administration, more than 51 thousand individuals, or one-fourth of China’s population, were affected by the Central China Floods.

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