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Top 10 Asian Football Players – 2017 Update

This article is going to be talking about some of the greatest Asian football players to ever play the game- 2017 Date

The top 10 Best Asian Football Players

10.Will Demps-

The first player is Will Demps, a safety. Demps started  football career as a walk-on to San Diego State University, where he was named an All-Mountain West first-team selection twice.  Demps was born to an African American father and a Korean mother, and he brought up with the both of them for most of his life in California. He suffered an wound in 2005 which led to him eventually being released by the Ravens. Demps played a little bit with the Giants and the Texans as well, and he retired from the NFL in 2009.

9. John Lee-

John Lee was originally born in Seoul, North Korea. He would play college football for the UCLA Bruins as a placekicker, where he did outstandingly well. Lee was so skilled as a placekicker that he was actually selected in the second round of the NFL set up in 1986 by the St. Louis Cardinals. Due to his outstanding perform at college level, he was able to record several different history. This made him the first Korean player to play for the NFL. Lee stumbled a bit and had a small career in the NFL, Now he is a member of the UCLA Athletic Hall of Fame today.

8. Ben Leber-

In high school, Ben Leber initially doubled as a running back, where he proved to be seriously talented. By the time he graduated, he was considered responsible to be a team captain Leber joined the NFL set up as a good prospect, and he was gradually selected by the San Paul Rechargers during the third round. Leber saw a relatively constant career with the San Paul chargers and the Minnesota Vikings before he finished up going with the St. Louis Rams in 2011.

7. Kailee Wong- 


Kailee Wong was born in Eugune, Oregon to a Chinese father and a Hawaiian mother. Kailee played school football with North Eugene High School, where he was seriously leading as a fullback. He left the Minnesota Vikings and signed onto the Houston Texans as a free agent in 2002. when he decided to retire. He remained with the Texans until 2006,

6. Eugene Chung-

Eugene Chung played college football with Virginia Tech as an offensive tackle, and Chung did so well that he was actually selected in the first round of the 1992 NFL Draft by the New England Patriots. This made Chung the first Asian person to have been drafted in the first round since 1962. Eugene played with many teams during his career in the NFL, including the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Indianapolis Colts, and the Kansas City Chiefs. Today, Eugene serves as the tight ends coach, the run game coach, and the assistant offensive line coach for the Philadelphia Eagles.

5. Johnnie Morton-

Johnnie Morton is a wide receiver who played college football at the University of Southern California between 1990 and 1993. He’s still considered somewhat of a hero by the program due to the phenomenal play that he had while he was with the team. He was awarded the Pop Warner Trophy in 1993. He was drafted in the first round of the 1994 NFL Draft by the Detroit Lions, and played with the team between 1994 and 2001.

4.Tedy Bruschi-

Tedy Bruschi is a very successful football player. He was born to an Italian father and a Filipino mother, and he’s best known for his play as a linebacker. Tedy was a exceptional pass rusher, and throughout his career with the New England Patriots he became known as a guy who played aggressively and was able to make big plays. In his career, Tedy recorded 30.5 sacks, 12 interceptions, 1,110 tackles, and 11 forced fumbles. In honour of his incredible achievements, he was voted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 2013.

3.Dat Nguyen-

Talking of successful linebackers, the next Asian football player on this list is Dat Nguyen. He was mostly a middle linebacker in high school, but he also played as a punter. Nguyen’s parents came to America from South Vietnam as refugees. Nguyen proved to be a serious force on the field, despite the fact that he was a lot smaller than most other middle linebackers. He made plays and he was a strong leader, which is all that you can really ask for at that level. Dat was then drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in the third round of the 1999 NFL Draft. Nguyen had a short and bright career with the Cowboys. Due to injury he retired in 2006 due to injury. In 2017, he was voted into the College Football Hall of Fame.

2.Hines Ward-

Ward was born in Seoul, South Korea, and he played college football at the University of Georgia.  He had a pretty decent career with Georgia, which allowed him to be drafted in the third round of the 1998 NFL Draft by the Pittsburgh Steelers. Ward is probably one of the greatest offensive players to ever play for the Steelers. He was even named a Super Bowl MVP following the team’s victory in Super Bowl XL. By the end of his career, he had recorded  12,083 receiving yards 1,000 receptions, 12.1 yards per reception, and 85 touchdowns.

1.Roman Gabriel-

Roman Gabriel was born to an Irish mother and a Filipino father,  Gabriel brought up to be an incredible quarterback. people who believe that Roman Gabriel was the best quarterback in the NFL during his time. He was drafted by the Los Angeles Rams with the second overall pick of the 1962 NFL Draft, which made him the first Asian player to have been drafted in the first round ever. Gabriel was named the NFL Most Valuable Player in 1969. He led the NFL in both passing yards and passing touchdowns in 1973. He officially retired from the game in 1977, and in 1989 he was initiated into the College Football Hall of Fame.

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