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Top 10 Highest Paid Male Volleyball Players In The World

Have you ever wondered how much professional volleyball players can earn in one season? Did you know about those salaries of these stars? Here is  the interesting list with the top 10 highest-paid Male volleyball players around the world:

Let’s Look insight on the top 10 highest paid male volleyball players till date.

10.Ivan Zaytsev – $620 000

The Italian-Russian player Ivan Zaytsev was born on 2nd October 1988, in Italy He won the Olympic bronze and silver medallist European championship game. He begins his career as a setter and then transits to an outside hitter with great success. His father is former national team player of USSR. Last season Zaytsev played for Dinamo Moscow, Russia. He played a lot of  generous game in many matches. However, his injury in the World Championship has kept him away from the game for quite a long duration.

9.Maxim Mikhaylov – $714 000 Club: Zenit Kazan, Russia

Maxim Mikhaylovich Mikhaylov is a Russian volleyball player. He plays  for the Russian club team as well as Russian men’s national team. The gold medallist, great striker and the best scorer of 2012 London Olympic, stays in Zenit Kazan for another season. The  29 years old is a large, intimidating striker- 6 foot 8 and around 230 pounds.

8.Matt Anderson – $850 000

This American spiker plays for Zenit Kazan since 2012 and this is his fifth year with the team.  This American player helped the team to win the Gold of CEV Champions League third year in a row and bagged 5 gold medals of Russian Champions since 2012.

7.György Grozer-  $870 000

Another interesting thing about volleyball, compared to a sport, how truly international its highest paid stars are. György is from Germany, he has been a player of many winning teams but so far is yet to win an Olympic medal. Like other players on this record, he plays for a Russian club team, but he plays for Germany internationally. Grozer ‘s father was  a volleyball player, as well as a volleyball coach too. He is known as a powerful and dynamic hitter, and he set a record for individual points during the Olympic games in 2012.

6.Aleksandar Atanasijevic – $920 000

Atanasijevic is one one of the youngest  players who is famous  for world’s best spikers,  high-earners on this list. Only 25 years of age, the Serbian opposed spiker  Aleksandar played many clubs in the Serbian, Italian, and Polish leagues, and participated in the Olympic games in 2012.

5.Dmitriy Muserskiy – $950 000

He is the gold medallist in 2012 London Olympic,  this Russian player surprised the entire world in the final match against Brazil, not only with his powerful spike and killing blocks but also his ability to be playing both as a middle blocker and opposite spiker! This season, He takes a break in the national team and will stay in Belogorie Belgorod.

4.Robertlandy Simón – $967 000

Cuban gamer Robertlandy Simón is another high paid player on this list, he is always on the record of the best blocker in the wide range of worldwide competitions.

3.Bartosz Kurek – $1 100 000

The 28-year-old Enhance beach ball games were two times Olympian (2012 and 2016) and have won many individual awards and championship, the Polish volleyball player who plays for the Polish national team and  a Turkish club team.

2.Earvin  N’Gapeth – $1 350 000

French volleyball player Earvin N’Gapeth was born on 12th February 1991, in France. He plays very aggressively on the ground. In 2015 World League Championship, he showed very nice performance. He is a very passionate volleyball player. This player is very stylized, with a very distinct hairstyle and a very funky way of dressing. Many of the fans like this stylish man. Apart from the national team, he even played for a club named Azimut Modena.

1.Wilfredo Leon -$ 1 400 000

The highest paid volleyball player on this list is Wilfredo Leon, who makes around one and a half million dollars per year. that’s still only about as much as a guy who hardly gets off the frequent in the NBA, or someone who’s single job in the NHL is to get in fights, but still, it’s pretty amazing. The Cuban player now has Polish citizenship and is still looking forward to approval of FIVB for changing his sports nationality to Polish. He helped Zenit Kazan to crowned the champion title of CEV Champions League in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

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