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Top 10 Richest Football Soccer Clubs in the World of 2018

Most of the football clubs in the world are either possessed by billionaires or a group of stakeholders. When it comes football clubs it is safe to say that the high status of a club can play a role hugely in the popularity and performance of a team.

From the huge turnover of tickets and t-shirt sales to massive sponsorship and commercial deals, these football clubs are earning unbelievable revenue every year. This list is the official ranking of Richest Football Soccer Clubs according to Deloitte Money League.

Below are the top ten richest football clubs in the World of 2018 

 Find in ascending order—

10. Juventus- (341.1 million Euros)-

The Italian team’s home stadium is in Turin, Piedmont. The club is probably one of the most recognized clubs in the world, pioneered by a variety of the students from Turin and has since been managed by the Agnelli family. The club has won more than 31 Series A titles and has been awarded so many other prizes for their brilliant performances.

9. Liverpool- (403.8 million Euros) –

Liverpool FC has seen in the Champions League just once since 2010, but they are still among Europe’s elite football clubs. Their run to the final of the Europa League in the 2015-16 year before losing out to Sevilla brought to the achievements a year ago which reached them the ninth Richest club in the world. With the increased broadcast revenue, development of their main stand, and an imminent ret upcoming return to the Champions League, the future seems bright for the club in the Deloitte Football Money League.

8. Chelsea- (447.4 million Euros) –

Placed at number eight on the list of the richest clubs in 2017 is the league toppers, Chelsea. The club is a big player in the English Premier League. They have enjoyed tremendous achievements in the last 10 years. As well as have won 4 premier league titles in the last 10 years, 7 FA cups, 1 UEFA champions league. The club is the member of a Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich and their net worth is $1.661 billion.

7. Arsenal- (468.5 million Euros)-

It wouldn’t be a football list if it didn’t have Arsenal in seventh. The Gunners don’t have Champions League money this year but obviously, don’t need it as the club has a huge £92.8m in the bank.

Arsene Wenger has long been criticised for not buying enough players during exchange windows but when you take over the rules that could soon change. Their price range should be ample in order to lead the club back amongst Europe’s elite.

6Paris St. Germain (520.9 million Euros)- 

The Paris St. Germain, a prestigious and renowned soccer club. This comes out from France and has easily made its rank in the football league, all over the world. The club owns £389.6 as the total worth, which is certainly increasing, with their ever wonderful performances in variant soccer leagues.

5. Manchester City (524.9 million Euros)-

This is the first time in their history that the Abu Dhabi-backed club will be the among the top 5 richest football clubs in the world. Manchester City reached the semi-finals of the Champions League for the first time and enjoyed an increase in their broadcast revenue to about 215.8 million euros. With their new plentiful Premier League deal, this figure will most likely grow next year. Even if they are unable to climb higher in positions, these numbers and revenue should be able to keep among the top 5 richest football clubs in the world.

4. Bayern Munich (592 million Euros) –

The German club has won the European Cup, UEFA Champions league among other awards over the years. They are also the fifth highest earners when it comes to matching day revenue, racking up a total of 101. 8 million euros last year. Bayern Munich has consistently been in the semi-final of the Champions League for three years, and they are doing better in their annual revenue

3. Real Madrid (620 million Euros)

They are placed on the throne as the top on the list of  10 richest football clubs in the world, a position the club has occupied for many years. The club has more than 85,000 members. The club earns an estimated 620 million Euros in a season. They have been noticeably winning the Champion leagues.

2. Barcelona- (620.2 million Euros)

Barcelona retained their 2nd position from the previous edition of the Deloitte Football Money League chart. Their revenue was supported by profits from the use of Camp Nou for different events. Their stadium was employed by Bruce Springsteen for two shows, and the stadium also hosted the rugby top 14 final. With the 4th best match day revenue in the world, they also made up to 121 million euros in match day revenue. With some new sponsorship offers and enhanced professional offers coming in, the club can challenge for the number one rank in 2018.

1. Manchester United- (689 million Euros)

Manchester United in the list with a huge bank balance of £515.3 million. The club has also been regarded as the “Red Devils” due to their strong competition. They have gotten their boost and reached up to this top position especially because of the sponsorships the club has received from top brands like Adidas, Chevrolet, with the Champions League. Also, they had the highest pay from match day revenue, their average game day turnout contributing to a total of 137.5 million euros.


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