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Top 10 Best Free Disco Jockey Software Tools In 2017 – Mixing And Mastering

altra mixer dj software

Picking a right free DJ software matching your needs is cumbersome. On the paid DJ software there are many options. But what if you do not want to spend a money on it and still want a pro feature packed DJ software. This article has compiled a list of top 10 best DJ software tools which is absolutely free for your system which you can use completely free of cost.

10. Zulu (Free)-

zulu mixing software

Compared with other DJ software mixing tools which have 4 decks, Zulu has six decks. When you import any audio file in mp3, format, structure, it scans and assigns a beat to it.  maximize or minimize beats per minute You can import sound quickly through drag and drop and of this program and also review your audio while running songs with an extra output.

9. Djay series(Free and Able to Try)

djay series mixing software

The Djay series by Algoriddim. The key function of this system is that it can couple with not only songs saved regionally, but with the Spotify songs support, which can provide you with far more space to understand more about your own choice and talent. It is a generally mobile app, although you could use this with a Mac or a Mac emulator if you can work together with it correctly, this is usually created for a DJ on the go.

8. Blaze (Free to Try)-

blaze dj software

Blaze is another of the best free DJ mixing software is having a low latency sound mechanism based on ASIO. There variety colored waveform enabled in it and BPM detection included with syncing ability. It is also a latest completely free software in the list.

7. UltraMixer (Free to Try)-

altra mixer dj software

UltraMixer is most preferred free DJ software and comes with a lot of cool features aspired by a budding Dj professional.  With keyboard control, things become a little lengthy, but a cool DJ free tools to go for.

6. Cross DJ (Free)-

cross dj software

CrossDJ comes in three versions, but the free edition is still surprisingly capable. It gives you two fully-featured video decks with 35 video transitions, camera integration and a title and three video effects.

Mac and PC users can enjoy the free Cross DJ tools for mixing needs. CrossDJ comes in three versions, but the free edition is still surprisingly capable. You can record video output, though it will be watermarked in the free version.

5. Serato DJ Intro (Free)-

serato dj software

Serato DJ software is available for free on both PC  and Mac. It supports various hardware controllers, including  Pioneer DDJ-SB2 and the Denon DJ MC4000 and as well as four-deck mixing.

You can beat match digital music files from your PC and use cue and loop points to jump around within a track. Its basic effects are available if you want to spice things up a little

4. Mixxx (Free)-

mixxx dj software

Mixxx is amazingly successful for free tools, and has features you might expect to be restricted to paid software. You get two decks with time stretching and vinyl emulation support, as well as beat looping, hot cues, and pitch bend. This tools can be skinned, and you can record your mixes to your computer and broadcast them over Shoutcast with gain normalization,  Multiple audio formats are supported, and there are a crossfader and EQ. Four sampler decks let you drop in samples.

3. KraMixer (Free)-

kramixer dj software

KraMixer uses FMOD sound engine, the same used in Xbox. It has automatic BPM Matching with eight built in sound effects. It has an option for Headphone Cueing which is great for this kind of tools which is totally free. All in all a software matching standards of a paid DJ Software.

2. Virtual DJ (Free for 2 versions)

virtual dj mixing software

It is no doubt the best free DJ software. It lets you edit, record and mix various audio sources with an easy to use interface.  In its sandbox feature, you can make a mix while an audience is still listening to it. Web based features demand you to create an account on its website.

1. DJ Prodecks (Free)-

dj prodeks dj software free

DJ Prodecks is no. 1 best free software that supports a range of input audio formats, MP3 and WAV files, such as WMA, FLA, AAC, and MP2.  You get three memory banks each deck for holding cue points and loops, as well as three sample slots each deck for one-shot effects. You can also use auto-mix and auto loop real-time EQ and auto deck sync based on tempo, with auto beat detection. There’s a music archive with support for using your system’s keyboard as a controller.


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