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Top 10 Blogs In India

Are you a blogger, desire to make blogging as a profession? I am certain your search for websites providing top ten Blog site updates,  Here is the list of professional top 10 blog in India along with estimated earnings. These bloggers are simple but making a huge amount of money only through blogging.

  1., Blogger Name-Imran Uddin

Imran Uddin is very young  entrepreneur . He is a young entrepreneur of Pvt. Ltd. Company named All Tech Media. His blog is about a blog, SEO, Tips and Tricks.

  • Name: Imran Uddin
  • Blog:
  • Blog Niche: Tips & Tricks, SEO, Blogging
  • Blogging From: 2012-Present
  • Estimated Earnings: $7,500 per month = INR 4,50,000/-
  • Income Channel: Adsense, Paid Advertising, Affiliate Income
  1.,  Blogger name-S. Pradeep Kumar

HellBound Bloggers founded by S. Pradeep Kumar, He is also founders of a network called Slashsquare.  HBB is a Technology and Web Community blog which is focus on topics for Blogging, Social Media, Technology, WordPress and Internet Tips.

  • HBB has arroung 7k Visitors everyday with 3,50,000 Page views everyMonth.
  • Name: S. Pradeep Kumar
  • Blog:
  • Estimated Earnings: $4,000 to $5,000 per month
  • Income Source: Paid Advertisements, Affiliates, Adsense etc
  1., Blogger Name: Srinivas Tamada

Srinivas another blogger, which is among the top 10 blog in India. he is a programming blogger from Chennai. His blog niche: programming stuff like PHP, Ajax, and other web design aspect. In this blog, there are so many technology information which is very useful for the normal people as well as bloggers.

  • Name: Srinivas Tamada
  • Blog:
  • Income channel: paid income, AdSense and affiliate sources.
  • Estimated earnings: $12,000/month= Rs7,00,000/ month.
  1., Blogger Name- Jaspal Singh

Jaspal Singh founder of is in Number 7 on our list: the top ten blog in India. Jaspal is a mechanical engineer who writes about the Internet tips, software, computing as well as coding and designing .

  • Name: Jaspal Singh
  • Blog/Website:
  • Monthly Earning: $10,000 (Estimated).
  1., Blogger Name- Raju

Techpp is India’s most preferred online tech magazine. The blog is mainly about technology, online tools, web apps etc. is one of the top technology blogs on the web with a focus on personal and customer technology including tools and gadgets.

  • Name: Raju
  • Income channel: AdSence and Advertisements.
  • Estimated earnings: $14,000 /month= Rs9,00,000/ month.
  1. Blogger Name- Arun Prabhudesai

Another famous blogger in India named Arun Prabhudesai, who started blog an Indian blog talks about Technology, Telecom, Internet and Mobile. Mainly covers information about start-ups, financial news, and stock market etc.

  • Name: Arun Prabhu Desai
  • Blog:
  • Blog About: Business startups, financial news, and Stock market etc
  • Income channel: AdSense and paid advertising.
  • Estimated earnings: $21,000/month= Rs13,00,000/ month
  1. Blogger Name- Shradha Sharma

An awesome Female blogger, Shradha Sharma is India’s no.1 media platforms for the entrepreneurs. The website which was started in 2008. She is one among top 10 bloggers in India. is a main media website which is dedicated to sharing Entrepreneurs, Leaders, and Founders stories which has profiled 15,000 plus entrepreneurs.

  • Name: Shradha Sharma
  • Blog:
  • Blog Niche: Entrepreneur
  • Income channel: AdSence and paid Advertisement.
  • Estimated earnings: $35,000/month= Rs20,00,000/ month.
  1. Blogger Name- Ashish Sinha

An entrepreneur, Ashish is the graduate of IIT Roorkee & IIM Bangalore and has handled various functions at companies like Yahoo, i2 Technologies and IBM. Earlier he started, then it changed to NextBigWhat, which cover many  India-specific startups and digital media news.

  • Name: Ashish Sinha
  • Blog:
  • Blog Niche: Entrepreneurship, Business
  • Blogging started: 2012-Present
  • Estimated Earnings: $15,000 per month = INR 9,00,000
  • Income Channel: Adsense, Paid Advertising, Affiliate Income.
  1.  Blogger Name- Hrash

Harsh Agarwal is a Delhi-based young blogger. He blogs about social media, blogging, WordPress, SEO etc. He starts his blogging in 2008 by starting SML blog which turned into a famous  blog now. his blog team also writes about SEO, Social Media Marketing. The main source of income for Harsh is affiliate programs, web hosting affiliate programs like  HostGator and Bluehost.

  • Name: Harsh Agarwal
  • Blog:
  • Blog Niche: Blogging, Social Media, SEO, WordPress
  • Estimated Earnings: $30,000 per month = INR 18,00,000/-
  • Income Channel: Adsense, Paid Advertising & Affiliate Income.
  1. Blogger Name- Amit Agrawal is the first Indian Professional Blogger. Many famous bloggers were inspired by him and his success. Amit is the man behind the very popular website Digital Inspiration and read his about page.  The site has recommended in CNBN, India today, Forbes, Wired, Guardian, and more.

  • Name: Amit Agarwal
  • Blog:
  • Income Channel: AdSense, Paid Advertisement, and Affiliate Income etc.
  • Site linking: 6,715
  • Estimated Earnings: $60,000/month,= Rs30,00,000/ month

Note: Hope you enjoyed this list and looking forward to telling you many more top ten stories!

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