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Top 10 Youtube Millionaires In 2017

Since YouTube is so regular in most of our daily lifestyles, it seems difficult to believe that it’s been around the decade. Lots of us use YouTube on a daily basis from music to video, It has everything for everyone and that is the reason it generates around amazing 4 billion views in each day. People involved in creating the pleased gathers money at astounding rates. So, here is the list of top ten successful richest YouTubers in the world in 2017.

10. Hank Green- Net Worth: $2 Million-

This 36-year-old is responsible for creating the first You-tuber convention VidCon with his brother in California. He has started you tube channel name Vlogbrothers in 2007. He has several lists of channels such as SciShow, Vlogbrothers, GameswithHank, Animal Wonders and The Brain Scoop. He is involved in making a ample of content from classroom use to educational videos across the USA to amusement based Let’s Play. He also made-up 2D glasses that gives the 3D video in 2 Dimensions.

9. Lilly Singh- Net Worth: $2.5 Million-

A Canadian YouTube star Lilly Singh started creating videos to combat her depressive mood but ironically, it turned out to be the greatest stress buster. Her channel, all superwoman all, has 1.8 billion views and 11 million subscribers which making her the 9th highest paid YouTuber.

8. Rosanna Pasino- Net Worth $2.5 Million-

Rosanna most subscribed YouTuber in the world who Rosanna has over 8,200,000 subscribers- she also an approximately 75, million views per month across her videos. She loves to bake and this love has helped her receive famous fame and significant salary. Her channel features videos of her baking theme-based cakes, cupcakes, and cookies. Rosanna, She also released her own cookbook named “Nerdy Nummies Cookbook: Sweet Treats for Geek in all of the US.

7. Jenna Marbles- Net Worth $2.9 Million-

Jenna Marbles has a perfect story of rags to riches on YouTube and has over 15 million subscribers and nearly 2-3 billion total views. Most popular for her comedy videos and vlogs, Jenna currently has a subscriber count of over 17,000,000 as of 2017- Also remarkable is the truth that Jenna owns the second most popular female-operated Youtube page.

6. Roman Atwood- Net Worth $4.5 Million-

The American born YouTube personality, who is mainly known for his vlogs, has a net worth of $8 million dollars. He has 10.3 million subscribers and 1.3 billion views in other channels. One of his videos, where he fills his house with plastic balls to turn it into a passive pit, has over 83 million views. His vlog channel, RomanAtwoodVlogs has currently 12 million subscribers and 3.3 billion views. Other than blogging, he is famous for his pranks videos.

5. Grace Helbig- Net Worth $5 Million-

She is an American You-tuber, comedian, author, and producer. She has collected a money over $5 million dollars from her Millennial’s handbook,“The Grace Helbig Show” and YouTube Channel. She has also appeared in several commercials.

4. Markiplier- (Recent to list in 2017)-Net Worth $5.1 Million-

This 26-year old, One of the top gaming YouTubers, Mark recently celebrated 13 million subscribers on his channel and achieved billions of total views on Let’s Play Channel. Markiplier started making videos in 2012 and now he takes home $5.1 million with daily videos of playing games. He’s also collaborated with other top YouTubers, particularly in the gaming space.

3. Smosh- Net Worth $11.8 Million-

YouTuber Smosh funniest youtube is at number three, with a worth 11.8 million. Smosh is a younger web-based funny duo of Anthony Padilla and Ian Phil Hecox, who do- as you might imagine- odd , strange and hilarious videos.  Their market might be described as skits of generally “nerdy” activities or games. The channel is one of the preferred subscribed to on YouTube.

2. PewDiePie (Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg) – Net Worth $18 Million-

At number two, with an impressive net worth of eighteen million dollars with 46 million subscribers and a staggering 15 billion views is Swedish YouTuber PewDiePie. His real mane is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, web comedian and video production host PewDiePie’s success arose from providing funny commentary on video games. In 2013, his channel to be the most subscribed-to channel on YouTube.

1. Michelle Phan- Net Worth: $50 Million-

A 29-year-old cute girl is the world’s number one richest YouTuber with a net worth over 50 million. She started her channel in 2006 with makeup tutorials her videos teacher everything from making styles to resembles celebrities. She raised to top ladder from her co partnership with Lancome and subscriptions service for makeup, IPSY.


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