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Top 10 Most Powerful Muslim Countries in the World 2018


Islam is the second biggest religion by the number of followers all over the world. Especially when talking about the power hubs; be it in terms of missile power or the oil owners. The greater part of this number can be found in certain regions in the world; Africa and the Middle East are the two biggest Islamic centers and both have the owners held in by the most powerful Muslim countries in the world. These countries play a major and vital role in defining the direction of world’s economy at large.

Today; this article is going to highlight the top 10 most powerful Muslim countries all over the world; which are also considered as amongst the most significant ones too. Let’s take a look on the list

10. Somalia-


Struggled hard to be amongst this list; Somalia stands on the 10th position in the list of the most powerful Muslim countries in the world 2018. It is located on the African continent, the country holds an important value and substantial say in their economic stabilities.

9. Syria-


Syria is 9th in the list of most strong Islamic countries in the world.  This has, in convert, compensated important benefits of the nation and has materialized their financial resources in a way to benefits their nation.

8. Indonesia-


With a majority of Muslims, like Turkey, the state is officially secular. Indonesia is another strongest Muslim countries in the world,  located in the South East Asia. The number of total population in country about 253 million people and the number of Muslims there is around 204 million. The country have formulated a strong forces power, inclusive of their experienced military, air energy and naval leagues due to which the country are regarded as a strong piece of land.

7. Saudi Arabia-

Saudi Arabia-min

Saudi Arabia is the seventh most Powerful Muslim country in the world 2018. Most important religious places for Muslims Makkah and Madina are in Saudi Arabia which it has most importance in the Muslim world. The major hub for the greatest oil reserves, the country has gained enough power and strength not only amongst Muslim community but the most powerful hubs in the world. Saudi Arabia has also raised some Military power in last few years with help of Pakistan and other countries.

6. Egypt-


Egypt has a combination of Muslim and Christian people; however, the state’s religion in Egypt is officially considered Islam. Egypt is located in the larger area of Northeast corner of African corner of the world. Egypt has a great cultural background with strengthened republics.  Due to its sovereignty and forces, the country has recognized to make its place in the power Muslim countries.

5. Morocco-


Most of the Moroccan population, about 34 million people, is Muslim. 99% of the country’s population embraces Islam and only less than a thousand do not. In addition, the majority of this majority are Sunnis. Morocco has stronger forces of 400 thousands of soldiers along with having a significant air force. The country is famous for its historical cultural values and beautified domed mosques and also has come up as a prominent strength amongst the strongest Muslim countries in the world.

4. Iran-


Iran is the third most Powerful Muslim country also known Persia, is located in the Middle East side of the world. Iran also has the standing that certainly none can beat. The country made their position world over through their economic power and nuclear power, which they have been working on to improvise their strength and power.

3. Bangladesh-


Bangladesh standing on 3rd position in a list of the most Powerful Muslim country in the world 2018. With a population of  157 million people, 93% are officially Muslims. The country has recently been concentrating on their forces developments and economy, which has surely given them a boost. They have become one of the prominent countries to stand amongst them.

2. Turkey-


Turkey is the 2nd most Powerful Muslim country in the world 2018. Turkey has not only a strong economic and strategic strength,  but Turkey also involves a strong technological power amongst the rest. It has the remarkably superior forces as well as a larger scale of navy force.  Turkey is half in Europe and half in Asia. Its total population is 73,914,260.

1. Pakistan-


Pakistan stands in number one in the list of the most Powerful Muslim country in the world 2018. It is the only Muslim Nuclear power and having a huge army of 7 Lakh. Its total population is 180 Million, most of the Pakistani Muslims are Sunnis.  Pakistan is popular to have the huge number of Shiites after Iran. Pakistan has the larger number of soldiers; a powerful intelligence agency which has the world over standing named as ISI.

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