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Top 10 Richest Engineers, Who Earns In Billions 2017 History

The world’s top 20 richest engineers come from a wide range of background. Scroll down the page and see for yourself – engineers do indeed become rich! So who are the top 10 richest engineers in the world? Let’s have a check the list.

10. Johnson Kwok, Net Worth $15.7 Billion-

Thomas Kwok and his sibling Raymond Kwok are the those who own Sun Installed Kai Qualities, a realty company based mainly in Chinese suppliers. Together, their net worth is $15.7 Billion. Johnson is the only sibling who qualifies as an engineer, however they also in lists of the 69th richest billionaires and 5th richest family in Hong Kong.

9. Mukesh Ambani, Net Value $28.9 Billion-

Indian chemical engineer Mukesh Ambani is the CEO and the greatest shareholder of the second biggest corporation in India, Reliance Industries Limited. He studied  BE degree in chemical engineering and was about to obtain an MBA from Stanford. Mukesh is the 33rd richest billionaire and  38th most powerful man and India’s richest man. His trade, Reliance Industries Limited is a Global Fortune 500 corporation that refines chemicals and the biggest shareholder of his company, having 44.7% of all shares.

8. Sergey Brin, Net Value $39.9 Billion-

Mr. Brin is another of the two founder of Google. Although he doesn’t have a formal technological qualification, he has levels in arithmetic, in information technology, and leads various technological advancement tasks like the notorious Google and self-driving car. His revolutionary work on Google and all of Google’s side projects lead him to an engineer.

7. Larry Page, Net Value $40.8 Billion-

Lerry Page-min

Larry page did engineering degree in computer engineering from the University of Michigan. He co-founded Search engines together with Sergey Brin in his college dorm while working on a Ph.D. from Stanford University. The dual guys have gone on to make billions for themselves, and great developments for the world. Some of Google’s innovative projects include bringing the Internet to lacking parts of the world and creating driverless vehicles.

6. Bernard Arnault, Net worth $ 45.5 Billion-   

Bernard Arnault-min

Bernard does hold an Engineering level from Ecole Polytechnique in France.  He is a professional by meaning but in fact an entrepreneur by business. Bernard is one of the world’s greatest tastemakers and manages 70 manufacturers such as the prefers of Dom Perignon, Louis Vuitton, Bulgari, Sephora and Tag Heuer, as well as nearly 3,900 retail store shops.  France company owner Bernard Arnault is the CEO of LVMH, an international high-class products corporation. According to a report,  he is the Eleventh richest billionaire and 66th most powerful guy.

5. Eileen Bloomberg, Net worth $46.8 Billion-

Eileen Bloomberg-min

Eileen Bloomberg’s source of prosperity is self-made whereas other billionaires on their list After learning to study electrical engineering in university, Bloomberg made a decision to turn to finance and founded his own company called Bloomberg L.P. in 1981. He is a global financial software, data, and media organization, where he keeps 88% stocks of the entire organization. Mr. Bloomberg is a mentioned philanthropist, having his own foundation aptly known as, “Bloomberg Philanthropies,” whose main focus is on public health, the arts, the environment, and education, its statement.

3-4. David Koch and Charles Koch, Net worth $48 billion-

David Koch and Charles Koch-min

The Koch bros are the richest couple of bros in the world, and on top of that, they are the richest engineers bros ever. David Koch has a master’s degree in chemical engineering whereas Charles Koch has a bachelor’s in general engineering, double master’s in mechanical engineering and chemical engineering. These two tycoons are leads of Koch Sectors, which are accountable for items such as the Dixie cup, stationmaster, and Lycra items. Both are well-known philanthropists, with David being a helpful social advocate for financial security. He’s an important libertarian. Both Koch’s are the professional co-owners of the second greatest publically trading company in the US.

2. Carlos Slim Helu, Net worth $61.3-

Carlos Slim Helu-min

According to Forbes Carlos Slim has a net worth of $61.3 Billion. Carlos Slim is not only the top richest engineers on this list but is also the 6th richest man on the globe.  The source also lists him as the Seventeenth most powerful man on the planet, not too shabby.

Carlos Slim studied civil engineering in the Universidad Autonoma de Mexico and is now the CEO and founder of Telmex. He has a tremendous empire in Mexico as well as being a great business tycoon.

1. Jeff’s Bezos,  Net Value $75.2 billion-

Jeff’s Bezos-min

The record Jeff’s fortune to be around $75.2 Billion making him the number one richest engineers. The founder and CEO of the greatest e-commerce business Amazon. com has an electrical and computer science engineering degree. Bezos has increased to the top of the  billionaire positions as Amazon’s stock rocketed over the last year. This fast go up is partly due to Amazon’s cloud-computing unit, Amazon Web Services. Bezos owns nearly 17% of Amazon. co


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