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Top 10 Countries with Most Bitter National Rivalries 2018

India and Pakistan

There are more than 190 nations in this world which are recognized by the United Nation and besides that, there are so many more countries. Sometimes one nation doesn’t like the look of another nation, there’re several reasons for that. So here the article is going to talk about the top 10 countries that have worst relations with its neighbouring countries.

Let’s read to know the top 10 nations with most Bitter National Rivalries 2018

10.Russia and Ukraine-

Russia and Ukraine

Russia and Ukraine are the two countries which were formed on the degeneration of the Soviet Union in the year 1991. Since there formation in the year 1991, there are many issues on which both countries have diverse judgments and that is the reason why these countries are not having good bonding with each other. With the present situation that these two nations have, there is no hope that their relationship will improve in some years to come.

9.China and Japan-

China and Japan

Diaoyu islands have been a subject of a war, China and Japan are both eyeing these islands and have been proclaiming them as theirs. While There have been many meetings and conferences for the possession of these islands, but nothing has been decided. China consider that Japan shawl the islands, and therefore, the islands have been a reason for the rivalry between China and Japan for decades now.

8.Afghanistan and Pakistan-

Afghanistan and Pakistan are two sister nations in the Asia continent. These countries have many things in common such as culture, religion, language and lifestyle and so on. But these countries have been fighting with each other on many issues such as the issue of Taliban terrorists, the Durand line, Soviet war and the present war which is still going in many areas of these two countries. Furthermore, Pakistan is also gloomy with the way in which the Indian government has stepped forward to help the troubled nation of Afghanistan.

7.America and Iran-

The 7th place are for the infamous USA-Iran rivalry. The US and Iran conflict have been a major issue. It has been two decades and the likelihood of military conflict between the United States and Iran is higher now than at any time, as tensions continue to escalate over Iran’s nuclear ambitions. There are an array of issues including Iran’s backing of terrorist groups, the activities of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and its nuclear activities. This has led to a far-reaching tension between the two countries. The world watches with bated breath, waiting for the looming war.

6.China and Tibet-

Tibet and China both are Asian countries who are not at all good relationship. Tibet is a Buddhist country under the strong influence of their spiritual guru Dalai Lama. The Chinese have dominated the Tibetans since the later got independence from the British rule. The attitude of the Chinese government towards the Tibet is renowned throughout the world and so these two countries are on the list. This interference of the Chinese officials in the matter of Tibet is not appreciated by the people living in Tibet and this is the main cause of two countries are having the bitter relationship.

5.Iran and Iraq-

The Iran- Iraq War were extremely protracted, it lasted more than the world war because Iraq dent want it to and Iran could not. Though both sides exported oil and purchased military imports, Iraq was further subsidized and supported by Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, allowed it to acquire advanced weapons and expertise on a huge scale than Iran. The reasons that led to war were arbitrary ballistic-missile attacks on cities by both sides. The tension between the oil giants of the world disrupts the whole economy of the world and the war has far-reaching effects on many nations.

4.Syria and Turkey

Syria and Turkey

There are several civil wars that are going on between the nations over the year. In today’s scenario, the relation between Syria and Turkey have been inferior to it was ever before. Bombs are fired from both the ends that kill thousands of innocent citizens living there. Turkey has also requested the United Nation to interfere in the issue so that this dispute between these two nations can be resolved and people start to live happily.

3.America and Korea-

America and Korea

The rivalry between North Korea and America have been going on for the last 60 years. The rivalry between America and North Korea started way back when North Korea invaded South Korea in 1950, and the U.S came to the assist of South Korea. North Korea has been an antagonistic nation since then and is considered to be a rival of America. Its president Kim Jong Un has publicly accepted that the country has got a nuclear war power greater than any country. Over the years, the relations between America and North Korea have increased and shows no sign of improving.

2.India and Pakistan-

India and Pakistan

These South Asian countries named as India and Pakistan have never shared good bonding between themselves. The countries were mainly divided on the basis of religion and left out the princely state of Kashmir. Pakistan was earlier part of India only under the British rule. But when India got independence in the year 1947 many politicians wanted a separate nation for the Muslim people and this was the reason why Pakistan came into existence. Since 1947 when Pakistan actually came into picture these two neighbouring countries have never shared good bonds among themselves. India and Pakistan have seen violence over the last 65 years, and this rivalry shows no sign of improving.

1.South Korea and North Korea-

South Korea and North Korea

 After Japan got conquered in World War II, and could no longer take control of Korea, Korea was divided into two nation. South Korea by the U.S. The President of the Northern state, Kim-Il Sung, declared another war by invading the southern state, North Korea was then backed up by the Soviet Union and thereby starting the rivalry between the two sister nations. Currently, due to the adverse military strategy of the North Korean Government, South Korea, and North Korea shares the leading militarized border of the World.


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