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10 Nations That Will Be Tremendously Affected If World War III Happens

World war 3

A war has always brought misery and backwardness for the people living there as there is massive destruction that takes place due to this. Further, there is the huge loss of life and assets which a common man cannot handle. The article is describing such countries that can ignite the world war III. These countries are here in this list because of the current, economic, political and the military situation there at the moment.

Here follows the list of the 10 Nations That Will Be Tremendously Affected If World War III Happens



UK is scared of a nuclear attack by any of the World War III contestants, especially from Russia and its nuclear submarines. The UK is prepared to take a war with its huge armed forces. It is investing in a system that would send a robotic text to its populaces when something like that occurs. But if a huge nuclear attack happens then this superpower is very likely to become silent.



There is a possibility that Israel may ignite the third world war. This country is so much against some of the increasing powers in the world that can go miles to settle this out. And if this happens then this will be the starting of the third world war as all the Muslim nations will come together in the help of each other and the current superpowers will have to intervene to save the world.



The current political scenario of Pakistan is very poor and what adds more to its gloom is their economic condition, which is also in a very poor state. The huge amount of terrorism that has spread there has made things very difficult to handle. Any of its neighbour if attacks this country than that can lead to the possibility of the world war III as there are many nations out there who are in full support for this nation. Pakistan is fully equipped with the nuclear warheads and these weapons can reach to the hands of the hands of the terrorist and that can be used against the world’s peace.



Afghanistan monopolizes the opium trade in all Asian countries due to its huge opium reserves will play a major role in the war as a World War always angers for power and power over these two resources will be of major concern for most economically stable countries. The poor army of this nation may not be able to stop them from undergoing quite a bit of damage from the war!

06. IRAQ-


After the US withdrew its powers, Iraq’s economic instability rose to status. Moreover, Shias provoked to attack the Sunnis in their own nation creating a total chaos. Many crossed the border to battle in Syria, playing a main role in Syrian Civil War. This has been terrible for the economy with its oil fields and population of Iraq as it holds many terrorists ready to break out for a WW III. It either will gain huge power if ISIL and ISIS decide to take control of the country or gathering destruction if the western countries win the war.

05. CHINA-


Now taking about another rising superpower in the world, China. The country is also among the league of such nation which can trigger the begin of the world war III. China is highly dependent on a maritime link for foreign trade and an disruption in that due to a war would cut off a majority of its trade. It would lead to an oil crisis hampering 90% of the total oil import. China’s long shoreline creates it vulnerable to attack from the sea in case of a war.



Russia has always been one of the major players in the world War. The dispute with the USA is well-known and everyone can wonder what will happen when these two superpowers will fight their heart out to defeat the other. Russia is one of the major supporters of Israel and there are many nations out there that are against Israel. And if any country attacks Israel then Russia will be the first nation to aid and declare a war against all such countries.

03. SYRIA-


This country is well supported by the superpower Russia and the United States have also occupied a portion of it. Syria is very much equipped with the nuclear weapons and in this current scenario, the Syrian government is not at all in a state to protect these. The moment is not that far when this nation will activate the nuclear weapon and so the other nation will start combat with each other.



North Korea is also among those countries that can pilot this world to another world war and if that will occur then everything will be destroyed. It has a large Army and its secret nuclear tests are not so secret anymore The relationship that North Korea has with South Korea is disturbing from the beginning. So, in case WW III happens, it is likely to take control of South Korea, expand its military and maybe join hands with Russia in destroying their competitors.

01. USA


The USA is the biggest economy in the world and hence, it will be the biggest victim of the war. With countries like Russia, Iran and North Korea already targeting it, WW III would result in a large scale opportunity to launch attacks not only from their military bases but also on the economic base, as most of the outsourcing and globalization will be affected. This may result in an even bigger inflation in the country, and if the government then isn’t efficient enough, it will also result in huge economic drainage. As Donald Trump has recently claimed, and it might just come true, USA may be rendered as a third world country after the war.



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