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List of Top 10 Most Polluted Cities in the World 2018


The world health organization has made a survey that 80% living in cities are breathing unhealthy air. Every day the city is giving harmful. People are facing the risk of pollution which has a lot of effects like global warming, air pollution, shortage of water, the supply of unpure air, health-related problems and much more. The major causes of pollution are increasing industrialization and urbanization. Here are the top ten most polluted cities in the world with their Pollution Index that identifies overall pollution in the city.

10. Baoding: (China)-


Baoding in China, is the highest alert of being the most polluted cities in the world. The city has been causing many hazardous disease threats to its people, because of this ever-growing and threatening pollution raise. The higher rate of construction going in the city along with the misconduct of vehicles and air burning factors. The smog exists in the city, which makes it very hard to inhale clean and hydrated air.

9. Xintagi: (China)-


Air pollution in China is believed to be the main problem, Xingtai is another most polluted city in China which suffers from this problem. The city is mostly surrounded by a thick smog which is extremely toxic and it causes many respiratory ailments. The pollution rate is getting higher every passing minute and its the high time the government should take some serious steps to provide this matter.

8. Bamenda: (Africa)-


The rising pollution is due to the processed waste coming out in an infectious form of chemicals from factories and power plant, making the environment even nastiest to live in.  The problem had been increasing and it would take decades to make the place beautiful again. The cold weather of the region promotes the seriousness of the pollution to a higher level.

7. Raipur: (India)-


Raipur is located in Chattisgarh in India and the city’s economy is dependent on steel and coal industries. The manufacturing units of these two types of factories cause huge pollution which has now resulted in a toxic air in the city. The government needs to deal with the problem on urgent basis so as to protect the people from falling sick.

6. Delhi: (India)-


Uncontrolled vehicular traffic is the major cause of the catastrophic air pollution in Delhi. Industries and road dust are the also reason for pollution in the national capital and this is a matter of shame for everyone. Delhi has the maximum population in the India and pollution is making millions of people exposed to health disorders.  The cases of respiratory diseases are unstoppably increasing as a consequence.

5. Al Jubail (Saudi Arabia)

Al Jubail

Al Jubail is also most polluted cities in the world. The city has high pollution because of the industrial activities and the coastline connected to the city is also quite polluted. Another cause why the city has extreme pollution is because of the factories in the city which contributes to air as well as land pollution because of the wrong waste disposal.

4. Riyadh: (Saudia Arabia)-


This one city of Saudia Arabia has also recorded to have huge pollution in the air. Riyadh is the capital city of Saudia Arabia and since the city is developing and new construction has been taking place extensively in its deviation places, it all combines to make up its air grimy and polluted. Moreover, all this is the chemicals waste coming out from the industries and vehicles waste out, is not less than an alarming condition for its government to control.

3. Allahabad: (India)-


Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh is also among the top 10 list of the most polluted city in the world. Pollution here recorded to have been mainly caused by, bad vehicle management on the roads, dust matters leaving poisonous chemicals in the air causing various diseases. As per the statistics, the city had a PM 2.5 level of 170 which is very dangerous. It would take many efforts to reduce the pollution level significantly.

2. Gwalior: (India)-


Gwalior is the main city located in northern Madhya Pradesh and is popularly known for its historic architectural heritage. Gwalior is ranked at 2nd position in the top 10 list of most polluted cities in the world and this has a bad effect on Tourism as well as on the historical monuments located there. The major reason behind it’s over pollution is none other than the air pollution caused by, dusty air, vehicle pollution and mismanagement of chemicals and industrial wastes.

1. Zabol: (Iran)-


Zabol is a city in Iran, according to the geographical location, the city is located near the Afganistan Border. This city is mainly regarded as the most polluted city because it has not been giving that attention from Iran government and is the most neglected city. It has been attacked by the number of numerous wind storms and chemical blows, which keeps its wind air polluted all the time and makes it impossible for people to breathe pure air and breathe properly.

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