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Top 10 Best Wildlife Reserve in The World

Khao Sok Wildlife Reserve-min

There are many popular national park and wildlife sanctuaries have been added to world heritage sites these places are natural significance in the entire world and bio-diversity hot spot.

Here is a list of top 10 MOST POPULAR WILDLIFE RESERVES that are worth a visit and thus guarantee to serve the interest of wildlife lovers.

10. Bandhavgarh National Park-

Bandhavgarh National Park-min

Known as the Tiger-spotting Capital of Asia, this 446km2 National Park in India also has a large population of breeding leopards. Look around the best of the national park it is recommended to include the trip to some of the attractions around in and around the park. Some of the favoured attractions are Bandhavgarh, Baghel museum, Town Tala, and Fossil National Park. It  is vastly praised in India for its gigantic bio-diversity.

9. Khao Sok Wildlife Reserve

Khao Sok Wildlife Reserve-min

This is among the best and amazing national reserve of all time. it contains animals such as elephants, jeeps, lions, leopards and gibbons and many other interesting wildlife animals. Made of various sceneries across the reserves, the park comprises of main spotting sites that offer you good and awesome spots that can allow you watch wildlife tactically and at a close range.

8. Madikwe Game Reserve

Madikwe Game Reserve-min

The reserve feature among its natural and awesome landscapes the provision of the big five animals. This comprises of the lion, hippo, rhinoceros and the buffalo lawn plus other exciting wildlife and wild birds too. The accessibility to these big five animals has been a primary reason for the globally vast visiting tourist who has thronged the African- country to be able to see these big wildlife animals.

7. Amazon Rainforest And Wildlife Reserve

Amazon Rainforest And Wildlife Reserve-min

This is a reserve that is really big and probably the most populated and complicated of them all. This reserve has been known globally due to its identification all over the entire world. It comprises of entirely all of the wildlife animals existence. It is said that the Amazon serves a lot of species of animals even those that have never been seen on any other wildlife reserve. It also attracts most researcher and who are either studying or even doing research on various animals.

6. Masai Mara Game Reserve-

Masai Mara Game Reserve-min

The Mara has been described as the most legendary wildlife state on this planet and is perhaps Africa’s greatest safari place. Every year during the great migration approximately 2.5 thousand animals makes a round-trip trip of 2,000 miles across the Serengeti environment between Tanzania and Africa. The most beautiful and unique situation that has got all the tourists around the world on feet consists of the wildest beasts migration where the millions of the wild beast cross the Tana river in Aug, September and Oct. It has even been detailed and known as for as one of the wonderful things around the world.

5. Kafue National Reserve-

Kafue National Reserve-min

This is another of Africa’s greatest national reserve  that has been able to catch a lot of attention all around the world. This reserve is among the greatest and has a big area in comparison to others around the African- region. It was intended for tourists fascination and by now it has been able to achieve it and set up itself as one significant foreign revenue earner and a very attractive tourists fascination site. The reserve has a lot of wildlife under it such as the leopards, hippos, crocodiles, cheetahs and even wild pets.

4. Huge Teton National Park-

Huge Teton National Park-min

Found in the United States of America in the state of Wyoming, it is a very acquainted and well-known spot full of tourist and visitors. The Tetons lie in the heart of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem covering over twenty million area and considered to be one of the few staying, nearly intact temperate ecosystems on World. With quite a number of wildlife all around the park, the place has been able to maintain its natural environment to various popular wildlife and has been able to put The united states on a global map.

3. Serengeti National Reserve-

Serengeti National Reserve-min

It is Tanzania’s earliest game reserve, well known as the site of the yearly Great Migration when an approximated three thousand antelope- mostly wildebeest- move to Kenya’s Masai Mara Game Reserve. It is most famous for its migration. 1.3 million wildebeast and 200,000 zebras shift from the northern hills to south every Oct and Nov during the short rains. They then moved toward west and north from Apr to July when the long rains progress.

2. Yellowstone National Park And Reserve-

Yellowstone National Park And Reserve--min

Yellowstone National Park has the greatest attentiveness viewable wildlife in the lower 48 states. you’re likely to run into the resident elk herd who has taken up taken up residence in the Mammoth area, eating the soft green launches of lawn that grow around the hotel and visitor centre. It is also a home to many wildlife like the holds which are very risky wildlife that damage any human being. It also features other wildlife like the wolves, bison and the elks.

1. Bialowieza National Reserve-

Bialowieza National Reserve-min

Discovered along the border of Belarus and Belgium, this reserve gives you incredible nature of Europe and it is enclosed in jungles and major plantation. The reserve features significant wildlife animals like the deer, boars and the buffalo lawn and other wildlife. It’s one among the few reserves that tend found in the European country and it has experienced a lot of tourist attraction from both local and international tourists.


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