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Top 10 Biggest Religions In The World


While many around the planet choose not to believe in a god or gods, there are a lot who do.

Bellow are the famous  religions in the world, probably The Top 10 Biggest Religions In The World with most population and  founder-

10. Shintoism



Founded– Shintoism began about 2500-3000 years ago in Japan.

Originator– Each one of thirteen historical variations has its own creator.

Holy Book– Kojiki (Record of Ancient Things), Nikongi (Chronicles of Japan), a later perform, Yangishiki (Institutes Yengi period), and the Assortment of 10,000 Leaves are the prime works, but are not regarded exposed scripture.

Followers– About 30 thousand, mostly in Japan. Most are also Buddhists.

9. Jainism



Founded– The Jainism Began About 2500 Years Ago In India.

originator- Nata Putra Vardhamana, known as Mahavira the great Hero.

Holy Book – The Jain Agamas and Siddhantas.

Enthusiasts – About 600 thousand, almost specifically in Main and South India, especially in Mumbai.

Cults– Jainism has 2 variations. The sect Digambara promises that a st. should own nothing, clothes, therefore the practice of dressing in only a loincloth. Jainism believes that deliverance in this birth is not likely for females.

8. Confucianism



Founded– Confucianism established around 2500 years ago in China.

Originator– The Superior Sage K’ung-fu-tsu (Confucius) and Second Sage Meng-Tsu (Mencius).

Main Scriptures– The Philosophical Opinions, Doctrine of the Mean, Great Studying and Mencius book.

Enthusiasts– Roughly 350 thousand, mainly in China, Japan, Burma and Thailand.

Cults– There are no formal variations Confucianism. The followers are totally able to claim other religions and still be Confucianists.

7. Bahaism



Founded-  founded by Mirza Husayn Ali (Bahaullah) in 1900 AD in Iran 19th century

Enthusiasts – the Bahaism began by Husayn Ali (Bahaullah)

Key Scripture– The sacred book of Bahai individuals is Kitab al-Aqdas

Followers– 8 Million Approximately

Of Complete Population- 0.15 Percent

Cults- The supporters of this religious beliefs are known as Bahai and Babis. The religious beliefs follow the Abrahamic educating and currently distributed across the centre southern nations and many areas of Japan.

6. Judaism



Founded- Judaism began about 3700 years ago in the Near Eastern, mainly Canaan (now Israel) and The red sea.

Founders- Abraham, who began the family tree, and Moses, who emancipated the captive Judaism communities from The red sea.

Home Writing– The Torah (the Old Testimony and the Talmud).

Followers– About 12 million globally, more than 50%  in the US

Cults– The Judaism individuals are separated into sects- Traditional, Traditional and Change, with other local and cultural sections.

5. Sikhism



Founded- THE Sikhism began 500 years ago in Northern India, nowadays the world of Pakistan.

Founder– Guru Nanak Dev

Major Scriptures– The Adi Granth, recognized as the existing guru of perception.

Followers– Approximated as nine thousand, mainly in your Punjab in India.

Cults– Khalsa Besides, there are Ram Raiyas in Uttar Pradesh and two categories with experts in daily life – the Mandarin and Nirankaris.

4. Buddhism



Founded- Buddhism began about 2500 years ago in India

Founder- Gautama Siddhartha, the Buddha, or Enlightened One.

Holy Book- The Tripitaka, Anguttara-Nikaya, Fhammapada, Sutta-Nipata, Samyutta-Nikaya and many others.

Followers– More than 300 millions.

Cults– Buddhism nowadays is separated into three primary sects- Theravada, or Hinayana (Sri Lanka, Thailand, Burma, Cambodia), Mahayana (China, Japan, Vietnam, Korea), and Vajrayana (Tibet, Mongolia and Japan).

3. Hinduism



Founded– Hinduism, the world’s earliest religious beliefs, has no start – predates published record.

Founder– Hinduism has no individual creator.

Holy Book– The Gita, Vedas, the Agamas and more.

Enthusiasts– Almost one billion dollars, mostly in Native Indian, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Malaysia, Philippines, India, African, European nations and Northern and Southern.

Cults– There are four significant denominations- Saivism, Saktism, Vaishnavism and Smartism.

2. Islam



Founded– Islam began about 1400 years ago in what is now Saudi Arabic.

Started by– THE Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Holy Book– The Quraan, the exposed sacred bible of Islam, and the Hadith, the lessons, phrases and lifetime of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Followers– One billion dollars, mostly in the Center Eastern, Philippines, Pakistan, Bangladesh, African, China and Eastern Europe. According to Guinness

1. Christianity:-


Founded– Christianity began about 2000 years ago in what is now Israel.

Founder– Jesus of Nazareth, or Jesus Christ, the Anointed One, The Messiah.

Writing Home– The Bible – Old and New Testaments. Enthusiasts- is estimated at about 2 billion dollars.

Cults– Christianity is separated into three primary sects- Roman Catholic, Eastern Traditional and Protestant. Among Protestants, there are over 20,000 variations.

Currently, Christianity is at the top used  religious beliefs in the world.


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