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Top 10 Most Expensive Weddings of All Time

On regular a wedding operates an invoice of a few thousand, or about 30,000 in dollars and 20,000 in pounds. Partners that would like to have something more than regular would perhaps be willing to part with a couple of thousands more. It is, after all, a party that happens (hopefully) once in a lifetime. There are those, however, that are willing to invest millions just for a wedding.

Wedding events can be delicate and simple. But for the top level few, marriages should be deluxe and huge. Such shows of deluxe can sometimes break the common roof and set all-time records. The common wedding price in the United States is about $25,200. American couples preferably invest somewhere between $18,900 and $31,500.But for the couples listed below, $1 thousand is not enough to cover all the angles. Check them out.

#10 – Paul McCartney and Heather Mills – $3.9 Million

The marriage of the most successful songwriter must be deluxe and magnificent as well. They marry in pure Indian style in a church of Ireland. It was held in almost 2002. In this wedding they have a big vegetarian selection, Indian performers were there. They invest almost $145,000 only on flowers and $150,000 on fireworks only. She used wonderful ribbons dress by a very popular designer who was also very costly. The all inclusive costs of this wedding were $3 thousand which was a big quantity at that time.

#9 – Elizabeth Taylor and Larry Fortensky – $4.35 Million

Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor met development worker Lewis Fortensky in a rehabilitation facility where both examined in for their drug problems. As all popular superstars from the film industry came to this wedding that created it more popular and known. The price of this marriage was almost $4 thousand which is a very great quantity in 1991 as money was not much invest at that time on marriages.

#8 – Liza Minnelli and David Gest – $4.61 Million

She is a very popular superstar, and she wedded to music producer David. This wedding was full of superstars. Michael Jackson was the best man of the bridegroom while Elizabeth Taylor was the bridesmaids of the new bride. In this wedding, only $800,000 was invested in dessert and flowers as well. A special band was organised for a wedding. It was a very popular wedding because of the celebrities’ appearance on it. The all inclusive costs of this wedding were almost $4.2 thousand.

#7 – Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky – $5.44 Million

It was a very magnificent wedding. It was performed in 2010 in court. It was a very well-known wedding that almost invest $600,000 only in air-conditioned camp tents and dessert for wedding price about $11,000. It was very wonderful and enormous dessert in different tastes. The dress of the new bride was value watching as it was very wonderful and made by a famous designer in Soft silk Fabric material.  The whole view of wedding looks like some story as was designed with white costly flowers. This luxury wedding about $5 thousand was a wedding on a budget.

#6 – Wayne Rooney and Coleen McLoughlin – $8.82 Million

Footballer Wayne Rooney of the Manchester United and Coleen McLoughlin created their wedding vows at the Abbey of Cervara near Genoa in Italy in 2008. Serenading the pair and the wedding visitors was the Irish boyband, Westlife, which price $670,000. Ronney chartered five private aeroplanes to fly 64 of their visitors to the wedding. While the wedding was magnificent, the pair had a little help in bill paying as a guide offered $4.2 thousand for the unique rights of wedding images. These days, Wayne and Coleen are happy with their wedded lives and are now having two boys.

#5 – Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries – $10.88 Million

With both her marriages making the list superstar and socialite Kim Kardashian’s partnership to rapper Kanye West packaged a bigger price tag. Enjoying in Italy and France over an entire end of the week with a custom Givenchy gown, flowers value $75,000, resorts, transport and all the sum complete of the wedding was about $20-30 thousand.

#4 – Prince William and Kate Middleton – $35.87 Million

Following in the actions of his parents, Prince William had a much expected and promoted wedding that was viewed around the world. With 1,900 people invited to the wedding, 600 at a luncheon hosted by the Queen and 300 for a dinner organised by the Prince of William, plus a $400,000 bridal dress, $80,000 wedding dessert and $800,000 value of flowers the invoice go up to $34 thousand.

#3 – Vinisha Mittal and Amit Bhatia – $75.38 Million

No doubt that India’s richest man would throw a costly wedding for his daughter Vanisha Mittal married banker Amit Bhatia in Versailles. The location wedding party including culinary experts travelled in from India and a performance by Kylie Minogue at the wedding reception price $78 thousand.

#2 – Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer – $125.3 Million

Decades after this much-viewed occasion and even after wedding dropped apart, the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer remains to be the most costly wedding of all-time. The $ 48 thousand (adjusted to $110 thousand according to rising prices rates) party involved 3500 viewers at the wedding, 120 at the wedding reception, 120 for a family breakfast, 27 wedding desserts and a televised coverage for about 750 thousand individuals globally.

#1 – Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan and King Salama – $261.1 Million

This 1981 wedding fit for royals required from the construction of a stadium from scratch to accommodate the 20,000  visitors. Back in the day wedding costs were approximated at $45 thousand, but convert to about $100 thousand with variation prices today.


We determine that marriages are a most important occasion or event in the world. We all know that marriages are much recognized in the entire world. These days everyone is bearing a huge amount of cost of the wedding to maintain their position and show off others. All these marriages are done in some royal manner that makes them unforgettable. On these marriages, a great quantity is spent on all the items used for marriages like desserts, flowers, etc.

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