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Top 10 Most Popular Social Networking Platform 2017


Social networking has become an incredibly alluring region throughout the world. Through its many attractive platforms of communication and entertainment, it draws steady users from virtually all age groups on consistently.

We have compiled the top 10 most popular social networking worldwide. Find the latest information below

  Rank 10- Google Plus


This site has 300 million monthly active users and is used for relationship marketing. It has over a 53 percent positive communication between Google plus users and brands.

 Rank 9- Pinterest

Pinterest has become a major player both in the search world and in social networking that proving how important visual content has become on the web.

Rank 8- Tumblr

This micro-blogging social platform is used for sharing photos, videos, quotes, text, audio or anything that you’d like to promote. This platform has over  420 million users and 217 million blogs created, making it a favorite.

Rank 7 -VK

VK is a Russian online social networking service. It is available in several ‘languages’ but it is especially popular among Russian-speaking people. VK allows users to message each other privately or publicly to make public pages, create groups and events, share and tag images, video, and audio, and to play browser-based games.  As of Jan 2017, VK had at least 410 million records.

Rank 6- Reddit

This image and video hosting social network have over 3.5 million images uploaded daily by users and offers massive online photo storage.

Rank 5- LinkedIn

This social network is basically used for professionals. Anyone who needs to make links to advance their careers should be on LinkedIn.Today, this platform has over 332 million users and every second adds two new members, all of which attracts marketers.

Rank 4- Instagram

Instagram has grown to be the most popular social platform for image sharing that the mobile web has ever seen. Instagram is  the ultimate social network for sharing real-time images and share visual stories. Now it’s even a leading advertising, social networks for brands as well as Instagram Influencers, who legally make income through the network. Instagram was bought for a hefty $1 billion by Facebook in 2012. There are more than 300 million monthly active users on Instagram, of which 75 million are daily active users. Instagram is widely being used for business marketing.

Rank 3- Twitter

Twitter is an online news and social networking platform where users post, or communicate with messages, “tweets”, restricted to 140 characters. Registered users can post tweets, but those who are unregistered can only read them. Users access Twitter through its website interface, SMS or a  mobile phone app.Twitter Inc. is based in San Francisco, California, US.

Twitter was founded in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams and launched in July of that year. The service rapidly obtained the global reputation.

Rank 2- YouTube

Where do people go to watch and share video content online? It’s obviously YouTube. YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. Despite being belonging to  Google, YouTube can still be identified as a separate social platform all on its own as the elite place online to go to watch video clips on every topic under the sun and upload your own as well. From music videos and films to personal blogs and independent films, YouTube has it all. YouTube also launched a premium subscription option, called YouTube Red, which removes all ads from videos.

Rank 1- Facebook

Facebook is the top social networking platform on the web with the biggest number of users. There are more than 1 million small or medium sized businesses, marketing here and it is approximated that larger companies are spending as much as $100 million on Facebook advertising per year.


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