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Top 10 Safest Countries in The World


According index data, many countries produced a thorough ranking, based on the international protection of the listed countries and the individual safety of people living there.

This ranking is for symptomatic purposes only-

Scroll down to find the top 10  safest countries on the world.

10. Slovenia-

Slovenia safe-min

Not only is Slovenia ranked as having the best natural environment of any country on World, but as one of safest nation to live, too.


9. Japan-


Japan has 1.408, getting kudos on the peace index for its low number of homicides and minimal access to weapon. Beyond safety, the nation also creates it very easy for tourists to get around, with high-speed and even invisible trains part of a mission to double the number of tourists by future year.

8. Canada-


Canada is one of six non-European declares to feature in the top 10 safest countries in the world. Despite being bigger than its neighbor to the south, Canada’s 1.371 ranking positions much more than the united States. Try going to one the country’s most friendly city, Toronto on a stopover program.

7. Switzerland-

switerzland safe

Switzerland’s popular neutrality works in its favor of its 1.373 peace index score, where the nation was known for its lack in both internal and external conflicts. Continuing its tradition of topping lists like the Success Index, Switzerland is one of the safest country for people to live.

6. Czech Republic-

Czech Republic-min

The nation that was the place to find the Velvety revolution got 1.360 score for low per-capita army spending and relatively few features of violent or criminal activity.

5. Portugal-


In past years, the place is known as the most underrated city in Europe. The Global Peace Index mentioned  that point- Portugal’s relative affordability and beauty mixed with its safety score of 1.258 make it a must-visit.

4. New Zealand-

New Zealand-min

New Zealand may be one of the best place for gasp-inducing adventure vacation, but you’re more likely to be stunned by amazing beaches views than by internal crime or violence

Like Australia, New Zealand place reduced in national safety  and individual protection than in any other sub-index. It covers the  tops the other overall list.

3. Australia-


Australia’s smallest ranking comes in the national protection and personal safety sub-index, having dropped five rank since last years . It continues to be of the most safest country in the globe.

2. Denmark-


Denmark consistently ranked among the most happiest nation in the world, and it’s 1.337 ranking says it’s also one of the safest—other than a minimal conflict with Canada  over an not inhabited island, that is. Denmark’s rank has also enhanced by 2 place in comparison to the other data index


1. Iceland-


In top 10 rank list, Iceland covers the tops safety index. The Nordic island country is once again ranked highly for safety  and security after coming in at number two in last year index.

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