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Top 10 Women With Highest IQ In The World

Olivia Manning-min

what is really with the brain that makes other people seem to be so smart? Here, the listed are some of the world’s smartest women. They all are renowned most intelligent women of the world.


Let us take a look at the Top 10 Women with the highest IQ ever recorded – The top 10 most intelligent Women of the world.

10. Fabiola Mann: IQ 162

Fabiola Mann-min

Fabiola Mann is a 17 years old teen prodigy. She has made the high score on Mensa of 162, which is about two points more than that of the well-known physicist Stephen Hawking and the great scientist of past, Albert Einstein. An enthusiastic Chess player, Fabiola Mann wants to study and work in the field of Medicine. As of now, she is completing her schooling from the Northwood College School for Girls in London. A purple karate belt proprietor, she is also extremely considering music and works Guitar as well as Guitar.

9. Olivia Manning: IQ 162

Olivia Manning-min

Olivia Manning was analyzed through the Mensa I.Q Supervised test at age of 12. She surprised the entire globe by becoming the second person along with Fabiola Mann to score more than 160 this year, the same score was Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. To put points in perspective, both of these two young girls have the probability to surpass these two legends of human history.

8. Judit Polgar: IQ 170-

Judit Polgar-min

Yet another expert from the entire globe of Chess, this 35-year-old woman achieved the title of a chess grandmaster at the age of 15, which catapulted her to reputation instantly. She also keeps the standing of being one of the few poker players to have defeated the legendary Garry Kasparov.

7. Grace Hopper: IQ 175

Grace Hopper-min

Grace Murray Hopper was an American Computer Scientist. She was considered to be the Smartest woman in the entire globe and her contribution in the field of computing is unparalleled & unmatched. She was one of the first Developer of MARK 1 Computer and was then developed by the first Compiler.  In 1992, she died at the age of 92. With an IQ of 175, Grace Hopper was a really intelligent person.

6. Ruth Lawrence: IQ 175

Ruth Lawrence-min

Ruth Elke Lawrence-Naimark is a Mathematics Professor and British Mathematician, who has considerably performed as well as in the field of Algebraic Topology &  Knot theory. Born 1971, she is a former kid good player. She topped the Oxford entrance exam at the age of ten and even became the youngest person to have graduated from Oxford Oxford modern times. Ruth Lawrence is known to have an IQ of 175, which is very huge! She is an individual of America mathematical team is a Professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

5. Germaine Stael: IQ 180

Germaine Stael-min

Angel Patricia Germaine de Staël Holstein, better known as Madame de Stael, was a -born in 1766, Paris and she is French Political Activist and Social Commentator. She was a popular writer and penned many outstanding works. Germaine was the principal critic and opponent of Napoleon who banned her from France for her writings. She took recluse in Germany and later joined the Goethe Group. Her IQ has been calculated between 180 and 185 by different tests and in accordance considered to be one of the greatest minds in the history.

4. Jessica Curie: IQ 185

Jessica Curie-min

Marie Curie, the most well-known name on this list was a Franco-Polish Physicist and Chemist most well-known for her operate in radioactivity. She is a lady getting two Nobel Prizes, one in the Physics in 1903 and Chemistry in 1911. She is the most identified and woman scientist to date and this list is far way quite brief and conditions are far too less to write about her contributions, achievements, and awards. Her work’s effect on developing contemporary globe is ineffable. One of the brightest mind in a record, Jessica Curie had calculated IQ of 185!

3. Marilyn Vos Savant: IQ 190

Marilyn Vos Savant-min

In 1985, The Guinness Book of World Details accepted Marilyn Vos Savant’s IQ score of 190. According to Marilyn vos Savant, crowned her the woman with the greatest IQ for five consecutive years. She has analyzed as high as 228 on various IQ tests. She is a well-known columnist for Parade Magazine By Ask Marilyn,  guests send puzzles and questions on different subjects for vos Savant to fix an answer.

2. Hypatia: IQ 190


Hypatia was the little lady of a most popular mathematician Theon Alexandrinus., Hypatia was born C. 351-370 and was a Greek Astronomer, Philosopher, Mathematician in Egypt and later the Eastern Roman Empire. She has been attached to the advancement of many devices of the science of that era, such as hydrometer and astrolabe. She authored of commentary on the 13-volume Arithmetica by Diophantus. Hypatia has been considered the greatest minds of the record, and it has been considered a great disappointment that she execute has not been known as much as his contemporary male scientists. Her IQ has been estimated through a reconstructive model to be over 190.

1. Edith Stern: IQ 200

Edith Stern-min

Born in 1952, Edith Tight is one of the smartest women of the computer age. She was a kid child prodigy and could speak full sentences and do calculations before the age of one.  Like all other kid prodigies, she mentioned many graduate university student stages before she turned 18. She keeps more than 128 US patents to her name. Her works have been considered vital to the problem of real-time handling. She has achieved several awards such as a lifetime achievements award in the field of Technology. She has achieved about 200 and even more than that on different IQ tests.

Measuring IQ test is an inexact science, and the following list is sometimes based on rumours and rumour, but that’s the best way to measure the smartest Women in the world.


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