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Top 10 World’s Largest Twitter Accounts with Most Followers Users

Twitter Account– A Twitter account is simply known as user profile on Twitter. Users can share their information ideas, thoughts,  photos, news of maximum 140 characters or less. These profiles are usually everyone has access to what users have Tweeted- but can be made private as well. Users can also Follow your account and you can follow other users as well. In your Tweets, you have the option of mentioning other users by using @ symbol and a hashtag[#] etc to increase the likelihood that your tweet can see by other users who are searching that particular hashtag. Hashtags are used to create trends and increase the virality of a topic.

Here’s top Top 10 World’s Largest Twitter Accounts with Most Followers Users

10.  Britney Spears (+54M  followers)-  

She can never be and yet there she is, consistently showing the world not to shut their eyes on her, because she’s unpredictable and amazing! She is pretty active with her account, which is why she manages to hit the number of 54,376,317 followers on Twitter.

9.  Justin Timberlake (+57M followers)- The boy heartthrob of millions of girls out there, he has not only singed but shown himself as a voice over and an enhanced acting professional in several movies. He has a huge fan following all over the world and there’s a lot that follows his every new tweet.

8. Twitter (+58M followers)- Twitter itself is pretty happening. Since it has the responsibility of updating its followers about its updates and need to know what’s happening next! Well, that’s for sure a work to do and to give aside for the smooth access of its functions and programs. This is the official visitors, which has more than of 58 million followers, who keeps a regular eye on it to keep themselves up high there all the time!

7. Lady Gaga (+65M follower)- Touching number 7, on the most followed Twitter accounts, Lady Gaga has all the way to go! She has already danced the world on her hip-hop and dazzling figures. She is unbeatable and is generating some awesome songs and enchanting the world through her wonderful voice. Not only that, she has yet turned to be the one, to have followed by +65M and the number is certainly rising.

6. YouTube (+67M followers)- YouTube itself has a huge number of a Twitter following because of its non-stop updates and videos uploading with variant features providing the world. It was recorded to have more than 67 million individuals following on routine log. It keeps on tweeting the world about its various updates for people to explore.

5. Ellen DeGeneres (+68M followers)- Ellen DeGeneres of the most popular talk show of all times stands on 5th  in position in the list. She is a known as the comedian, who knows when and how to crack a joke at the right time to make people a good laugh non-stop. She hits the right nob and there she is with the number of 68, millions of followers on twitter with her real-life tweets.

4. Rihanna (+74M followers)-  The most followers of twitter records seem to be of female singers, because of their enchanting beauty and wonderful voice. Rihanna has made her popular in the musical field through her melodious songs and has become the melody queen of many hearts. She has recorded more than 74, millions of followers of her Twitter account.

3. Barak Obama (+80M followers)- The former US president embraced technology and social media beginning on in his 2008  election campaign. So it may surprise you to know that he never sent a single tweet himself until June 2011. He’s now followed by more than 210-world leaders, His most popular tweet was sent out after he won re-election in November 2012, and was the most retweeted tweet of all time. He is one strong person, who has led America, to where it stands now with even more power and honour indeed.

2. Justin Bieber (+97M followers)- Justin Bieber is swiping away his opponents with catching the large following of 97,421,350. He started his career in singing a few years ago, and now he’s all in all when it comes to flame the stage of singing. He has the art of making the crowd stand up on their chairs, dance and enjoy until the end.

1.  Katy Perry (+100M followers)- She is the one, who is all up for it, vanishing the rest of the world when it comes to the celebrity lifestyle. She has the fan following o more than100, millions. Whoaaa! Mumbling when even rhyming these figures. She is one of the most popular singer, and songwriter from the US and has become the heartbeat of millions because of her hip-hop singles. She is making her way to smoothly swipe away any of her competitors out of her scene.


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