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Top 10 Fascinating Facts About Delhi University

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Life happening at Delhi university has been the part the level of resistance of conversation for years…. the university is the hub of the combination of cultures in the capital. Award-winning professors, countless societies, outstanding educational and variety of campuses as well as students make this university unique.

Here are top 10 facts about DU that leaves you awestruck and start your vision wider than ever—

10. Nobody gives a rubbish about what you wear

You can be in your fighters and individuals wouldn’t give a rattling. At some point, you can be overdressed as hell and individuals won’t really care. Lifestyle in Delhi university can be the most carefree life ever.

9. Wonderful North Campus And  South Campus Campuses

Wonderful North Campus And South Campus Campuses-min

Whether it’s a north campus, south campus or off Campus College, you’re assured of a very important factor if you’re in Delhi university, these grounds will be Huge. With lavish natural landscapes, wonderful historical buildings and definite sports complex, you’ll find yourself running to go from one class to another. But it also allows individuals to have their privacy!

8. The affordable, greasiest and yummy-ist food

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Delhi University promises one of the cheapest food on and off campus; from your college canteens to students most desired QD’s, Tom Uncle’s Maggie Point, Big Yellow Door, Ricos etc. the food can be completely unhealthy but it won’t be large in your pockets. And it will be the greatest you’ve ever had!

7. DU Professors are just like Virus in ‘3 Idiots’

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No, DU Professors are not. Turns out,  they are actually, awesome and friendly. You can talk with them, relax and even click selfies. Few might bore you with monologue lessons, but others are super-interactive and you feel like taking in every moment of their aware presence.

6. The 10 Year Question paper Series


Having a party doesn’t let you study? Is it already examination time? Don’t be upset! There is the 10-year sequence you can always rely on. Experts who successfully pass their semesters only by a little edge annually can’t quit enjoying the wonder this book can do! This is the holy guide of every DU-site.

5. Fests

delhi university Fests-min

There’s nothing that can beat fests. It’s not just about contests here; it’s about a compulsory treasure hunt, Amazing costly food and a concert which will make your evening. It one of the best fests in India like Crossroads (SRCC), Mecca (Hindu), nexus (Venky), etc.

4. Numbers Speak

delhi university Numbers Speak-min

In 1922, when the Delhi University was established, there were only three colleges viz; Hindu, St. Stephens,  and Ramjas with two faculties of arts and science and just 750 students. This renowned institution houses 77 colleges, 16 faculties along with 86 departments and more than 400000 students.

3. khooni jheel

khooni jheel-min

The northern ridge situated in the midst of the north campus is way more than a love spot and an evening hang out spot. It basically has a legit historical reference dating back to the 1857 war of independence. It has a lake well recognized as “khooni jheel” because the lakes’ water had remained blood red after an exchange of firing in between the British army and the revolters.

2. A university for each and every interest you have

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From dancing to writing to debating, to poetry, to singing, to photography, to reading Gandhi, to dreaming of becoming a civil servant, and so on; colleges in Delhi University have a completely functioning and exciting culture for all of your interests

1.1st May Founder’s day-

1st May Founder's day-min

Every year,on  1st May is annually celebrated as the Founder’s Day of Delhi University. Many of us did not know this! What is more is that there is a proper function as well as a flag hoisting ceremony every year since 1922!

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