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Top 10 Hottest South American Women Right Now

Janet Jackson-min

According to the latest survey, the South American Women top a list of sexiest nationalities out there. After Mississippi, Colombia, Brazil ranks first and second, in the top 10 list followed by South  American women. We can now determine that, yes, the planet likes Latinas. Here Top 10 Bold and Hottest Women Reside.

10. Aubrey Plaza-

Aubrey Plaza-min

Her profession in performing started when she was an intern. The original source of her name is the playback songs Aubrey sang by Breads. Aubrey did her study at New York University Tisch School of Art.  She has played a role in the film Safety Not Guaranteed. She is very wonderful and she is also part of the Los Angeles basketball team.

9. Luli Fernandez-

Luli Fernandez--min

Luli has spent her life to dating some of the most famous people in the world. To her credit score, Rockstar, Mick Jaggar and Real Madrid star, Fernando Gaga just to name a few.  She has the body to hold her own but her option of Mick falls her down a few steps on our list.

8. Monserrat Bustamante-

Monserrat Bustamante-min

A model, a singer and a songwriter, Monserrat Bustamante is among the few hot women who have reputable themselves in the industry. She has been in the industry for many years since in the year 2006. Her curvy and sexy figure is the reason why she always gets praises in modelling.

7. Ana Paula AraUjo-

Ana Paula AraUjo-min

This Brazil beauty became an identifiable face when her work showed up in the Sports Shown Swimwear edition back in 2007. In addition to her stunning images for SI, she has also made for Liz Claiborne and body paint with Joanne Gair.

6. Keri Hilson-

Keri Hilson-min

She is one of the best when it comes to songs. She is a, musician, songs writer and actress who has been good in whatever she focuses on doing. As an actress, she was presented in the film Think Like a Man which was an award-winning film. Keri has won many awards. She is very wonderful and has been successful in catching the attention of everyone when she is on-screen.

5. Paula Garces-

Paula Garces-min

Born in Colombia, Paula moved to America at a young age and actually grew-up in Harlem, New York. Paula spent some time on the CBS soap opera Guiding Light and has appeared in many films, including the Harold & Kumar series. Recently, she also appeared in the ABC series, Defying Gravity.

4. Janet Jackson-

Janet Jackson-min

She 46 years and still looks pretty hot like when she was still in her early twenties. She is a Pop Singer and actress. She is very talented especially in her acting career of acting small screen series that are sexually provoking and socially conscious in terms of the theme. She looks hot on screen and off the screen.

3. Nikki Griffin-

Nikki Griffin-min

Though she is an American Actress, she was born in Mississippi on the 16th April in 1978, She is not only an actress but has also worked as a makeup artist but not so much on the professional aspect of this art. Her first film was Dawson Creek in 2000 and since then she has been featured in many different films. She is very hot and beautiful.

2. Shakira-


One of the most popular Colombians, singer Shakira, has become a global phenomenon. While she enjoyed great success with her Spanish-speaking albums, when her first English-speaking single “Whenever, Where ever” rocketed up the US charts.

1. Aline Nakashima-

Aline Nakashima-min

She is the hottest woman from the South Americas. Her country of origin is Brazil. Brazil is the hotbed for beautiful females and actresses. She is also one of the most talented women who have an appealing personality. She is renowned for working with several fashion designer and Brazilian brands. She is the hottest on our list right now.

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