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Top 10 Most Beautiful Women Of Greece

Irini Karra-min

Greece has not only lots of beautiful tourist place but also one of those countries in the world which is prominent for the most beautiful women, There is no lack of hot, sexy and beautiful women in Greece. This is because of the goddess Aphrodite who is known to be liable for the great beauty in that nation.

Here we have a list of top 10 most beautiful women of Greece 2017

10. Zeta Makrypoulia-

Zeta Makrypoulia-min

Zeta Makrypoulia is a most popular fashion designer, celebrity,  hottest and beautiful tv anchor from Greece.  She was born in 1978 in Athens which is a very popular town in Greece.  Zeta is a amazing  lady with lots of wonderful talented and skills. She is one of the hottest girls in the nation taking Tenth place in the list of list of beautiful women of Greece.

9. Irini Karra-

Irini Karra-min

Eirini Karra is a Greek model who took part in the Miss Star Hellas pageant in Apr 2006, and showed her country in the Miss world  2006 pageant, held in Warsaw, Poland. She is represented by Ace Models and is also popular for her large participation in the Ircha LovesToby campaign. In Apr 2006 Eirini won the title of Miss Hellas and Miss World 2006

8. Doukissa Nomikou-

Doukissa Nomikou-min

Another most stunning lady from Greece is Doukissa Nomikou. She was born in Nov 1986. She is a young and most skilled most popular model and television actress. Doukissa is known for her charming personality, and her height is 5′ 10″. Having to her stupendous beauty, she was selected to present her nation in the year 2007 Miss Galaxy Contest.  She is also one of the wonderful and hottest females of Greece getting 8th place.

7. Katia Zygouli-

Katia Zygouli-min

With such an experience you will not help but observe that the stupendous beauty that can be found within this personality. She is also a very well-known singer and a model. These two fields are making her become very famous and wealthy. That is how her elegance was noted. For all those think that she is single then you are very wrong. She is married to a pop singer and she has three kids.

6. Eleni Menegaki-

Eleni Menegaki-min

She is 45 years and a mother, despite those two facts she has kept herself well and that is why at her age she is very hot and sexy. Besides her beauty, she is a celebrity who has served fascinating films which will take your breathing away. She is also a model and host for the talk show. In 2010 she was ranked 2nd position when it came to the most powerful celebrities in Greece.

5. Dimitra Matsouka-

Dimitra Matsouka-min

They say that beauty depends on the hands of the observer. This woman has gone against this saying. To all men, she is unique to be very wonderful. That is the reason why she is among the top ten most beautiful females in Greece. Dimitra was born back again in 1974 in Athens and since then she has proven can be an icon of sex. This is introduced about by her hot figure and beautiful face.

4. Marietta Chrousala-

Marietta Chrousala-min

Marietta Chrousala, also spelt Marieta Hrousala, is a Greek model and tv presenter. She has attended university and has come out with a master’s degree in mass communication and psychology, University of Athens. She has left marks in various places like sports, the market of performing and many others. You could have seen her in the fashion magazine and many other places.

3. Katerina Papoutsaki-

Katerina Papoutsaki-min

Katerina Stikoudi was also known as Aikaterini Stikoudi, born in 1985 in Komotini. This pretty lady is the winner of the 2005 title “Miss Hellas” at the Miss Star Hellas competition as well as revealed her country at the Miss World competition. She is also a model and swimming trainer and hottest women in the country taking the first position in the list of beautiful women of Greece.

2. Diana Igropoulou-

Diana Igropoulou-min

When it comes to all the aspects that hottest woman supposed to have, this girl seems to have them all. She is the model that has an encounter that will just make you want her just by looking at her. By being very persistent, she has become very famous. You must have seen her in many magazines. She has also taken part in various non-reflex programmes that have proven that she also has a very big heart.

1. Klelia Andriolatou-

Klelia Andriolatou-min

The one who is Numbers 1 in the list of the most beautiful  women in Greece is none other than this model Klelia. She has huge fans especially male fans because of her beauty. She is also very diligent. This has created many wonderful girls who want to be like her for her role model have the personality like her.


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