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Top 10 Hollywood Most Expensive Set


In a movie, people usually notice the million dollar special effects and actors, but one of the most expensive and major aspects of putting a movie in the multiplex is often overlooked; the set. In most cases, the set-pieces are stunning as well as big, and sometimes, the story behind their creating is as mesmerizing as the movie in which they appeared.

As the top 10 list of movies below proves, the construction of grand sets has been a  main part of cinema for the past years, Check out the top 10 most famous Hollywood movies that Have Most Expensive Sets—

10. Ben Hur

Ben Hur-min

This movie popular as the masterpiece of Hollywood movies. Many grand sets were used in this movie. Especially white sand was brought from Mexico to make the set of this movie. The set was made in the area of 148 acres in which about 40,000 cubic feet woods were used and many carpenter and artist worked for making its grand set. The total budget of the movie was Rs. 102 crores and price of the set was Rs. 7 crore.

9. War Games

War Games-min

Released in 1983, an extremely expensive set was made to show powerful supercomputers that can control nuclear missile. The movie was based on an imaginary story of supercomputers that can control nuclear missiles. The total budget of the movie was approximately Rs. 82 crore and the total price of the set was Rs. 7 crores.

8. Cleopatra


Cleopatra is one of the most expensive movies in the world. Produced by Focus Studio, around 79 sets were made for this movie to show the Egyptian culture and also constructed some real buildings. The total budget of the film was Rs. 300 crores during that time and if it was made in recent years then its total budget could reach $340 million i.e., Rs. 2300 crore. Cost of the set was Rs. 14 crores.

7. Intolerance


A periodic drama film was directed by W Griffith. A 300 feet height replica of Great Wall of Babylon was made for this movie. And the director also formed pillars of 1000 feet and 5300 wide statues. The cost of this film set was $2.5 million at that time and the total budget of the movie was Rs. 319 crore.

6. The Matrix Reloaded

The Matrix Reloaded-min

Series of Matrix, this science fiction based movie was released in 2003. Most of the scenes of this movie were shot in the busy highway. Many cars, motorbikes trucks, and guns were used for it. Directors made around 1.5-mile long highway at the old military base in California to show the highway scene. Directors spent about Rs. 17 crore in making this highway. The total cost of the movie was Rs. 1020 crores.

5. Hello, Dolly

Hello, Dolly-min

This musical drama movie set of this movie comes in the list of most expensive movie sets, near about Rs. 27 crores spent on getting the set ready. A famous harmonium garden was made for it in focus studio. The total cost of the movie was Rs. 170 crore.

4. Stalingrad


this Russian war film based on real story, was directed by Fedor Bondarchuk and released in 2013. This is the first Russian film which was completely made on IMAX 3D technology. The movie showed the Stalingrad battle of 1942. The total cost of this movie set was Rs. 34 crores and set of this movie was the biggest movie set in the history of Russian films, a total budget of the movie was Rs. 204 crores.

3. Waterworld


This science friction based movie was released in the year 1995, directed by Kevin Reynolds. Director made an artificial atoll near Hawaii Island. This false island was 365 wide and the weight was 1000 ton. Director Kevin Reynolds also spent Rs. 149 crore in making this set and the total cost of the movie was Rs. 1169 crores.

2. Lord of The Rings

Lord of The Rings-min

One of the favourite movie of war lovers. The film was shooted in New Zealand, Director made artificial caves and green mountains in 14 acres land to show in the movie. Not only this, they have also grown vegetable and flowers in five cubic kilometre area five months before the starting of this shooting. The total cost of the film was $280 million and price of the set was Rs. 149 crore.

1. Titanic


Measuring 800 feet long, the liner was only 10 percent smaller than the once pompous ship it mocks, and sat in a 17m gallon tank that drawn in water from the nearby ocean. Released in 1997, this movie directed by James Cameron won 11 Oscar Prizes that year. You have seen the movie and its huge picturisation. Two big water tank was produced in around 40 miles of area to show sea in the movie and this tank contained 2 million gallon water. The shooting of this movie took additional 2 months for a shoot and for this artist were also given additional payments. Complete price range for the movie was Rs. 1360 crore and the price of the set was Rs. 204 crore which was shown in the movie.

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