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Top 10 Best Shampoo Brand In 2018

Lush Solid Shampoo

Hair is the one important thing that can be styled, coloured and groomed in different ways. Shampoos are very critical to keep hair strong, healthy and smooth. By incorporating the right shampoo hair will be smooth and can be detangled very easily. It is used regularly to remove dandruff, oils, dirt, skin particles from a person’s hair. Hair dirt must be removed without disturbing the health of the scalp that is needed to make the hair manageable.


Shampoos come in many variants. People can choose depending on their hair type, including, oily, dry or normal. Some shampoos specialize in removing dirt, others can help darken or straighten hair, while there are even shampoos that can help add volume.

Here Top 10 Best Shampoo Brands  Give You The Best life Of Your Hair

10. Pantene-


Pantene is one of the leading brands of shampoo which was originally owned by LaRoche but was then sold to Procter & Gamble in the year 1985. The main features of this shampoo are repairing of the hair follicles and nourishing the scalp with proteins. Some of the essentials ingredients include panthenol ethyl ether, xylene sulphonate, cocamide mea, and tetrasodium EDTA.

9. Aveeno


A subsidiary of pharma giant Johnson & Johnson, Aveeno was founded in 1945 by Rydelle Laboratories. This name Aveeno arrives from the scientific name for the oat, Avena Sativa since the primary ingredient used in Aveeno products are colloidal oats. Aveeno also provides skin treatments for problems such as psoriasis, eczema chickenpox, sunburn and hives.

8. Nexxus-


Nexxus is a manufacturer of multi-cultural beauty and skincare brand Alberto-Culver founded by Blaine Culver, in collaboration with the house chemist Alberto, resulting in the eponym. This brand is popular for its volumizing formulae for thin and brittle hair, an international favourite of people with the said hair type.

7. Paul Mitchell-

Paul Mitchell

This brand was organized by Paul Mitchell and John Paul DeJoria in 1980  The company’s initial headquarters were in the glamorous Beverly Hills in California but later moved to Century City in the same state. The brand is famous for its worldwide beauty schools specializing in hair care and hairstyling. The shampoo also lathers nicely and keeps hair soft and shiny. It’s a solid standby that “always leaves hair looking, smelling and feeling beautiful.

6. Sunsilk-


Sunsilk was first made in the United Kingdom in 1954. The brand is founded by Unilever and it is marketed primarily for women. It is the company’s leading hair brand and is considered a billion-dollar brand. Sunsilk is sold in total 69 countries around the world. It is also known as Elidor, Seda, or Sedal, depending on which part of the world you are in. It is considered the best selling brand in countries like Bangladesh, Argentina Bolivia, Brazil, India, Indonesia Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

5. Redken-


Redken was produced in the year 1960 by hair/chemist and actress/model duo Jheri Redding and Paula Kent respectively, hence, the name“Red-Ken.” Revolutionaries in the professional salon business and pioneers of the Scientific Approach to Beauty stream, Redken known the concept of protein reconditioning and the development of newer, protein-based products, a concept which they later patented.

4. Giovanni-


Giovanni was founded by hairstylist Arthur Guidotti, Beverly Hills, California in 1978. Today, Giovanni is USA’s best Organic Haircare Brand and contains up to 94% ‘certified organic’ ingredients. Its Pearlized formula glistens in your hand and transforms hair into a silky palette. The brand and its natural products came to be after founder Guidotti’s hands start reacting to the chemicals after years and years of exposure to hair care products, causing him to explore naturally sourced ingredients to be used in his products,

3. Aubrey Organics

Aubrey Organics

Another leader in natural and organic hair, body and skin care, Aubrey Organics was founded by Aubrey Hampton in 1967, Forty years later Aubrey Organics became one of the leading retailers, with products being sold in more than 4500 stores all over the world. All of the natural ingredients that go into making its products are organically and ethically sourced, fairtrade ingredients. In 1994, Aubrey Organics became the first personal care company to be a certified organic processor by Quality Assurance International in San Diego, California.

2. Lush Solid Shampoo-

Lush Solid Shampoo

Lush is known for its quirky and exciting products such as the solid shampoo–you literally break off a piece of the solid shampoo, lather it on wet hair and wash your hair as you regularly do. They met in Poole, Dorset in England in a hair and beauty salon and eventually started branching out and selling their own brand of natural hair and beauty products. The brand is also known for its protective and hydrating ingredients along with delicious and yummy scents.

1. Briogeo Hair Care-

Briogeo Hair Care

Briogeo Hair Care was founded by Nancy Twine, in West Virginia. She developed an interest in hair care after her grandmother made lotions, hair, body and skincare products using ingredients grown in their own backyard. A sulfate-free restorative shampoo that refills moisture, repairs damage and protects against future breakage and colour fade. It is the best solution for those with dry, damaged, and brittle hair.

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