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Top 10 Chefs In The World – The Best Chefs in 2017

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If you love to eat delicious food, Here is the list of top 10 chefs in World for best in 2017 will definitely make you delightful. These genuine wonderful specialists are known throughout the world for their cooking prominence and for the dedication they have with unique recipes

10. Anthony Bourdain-

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It’s hard to believe that the most popular chef,  television personality Anthony Bourdain’s career began out with him washing dishes as a college dropout.  This American man is not only a chef but also an author of fiction & non-fiction. Bourdain began 20 years back as a dishwasher and his progress to be a line cook, a sous chef finally but not least a prepare was constant. The author of the book “Kitchen confidential- Activities in the Culinary Underbelly”, He has a passion for food.

9. John Bocuse-

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France Cook,  John is a legend in France and all over the world. Now 91, he has served as coach to many another world famous chef.  He is well known for being one of the leaders of nouvelle cuisine, a form of food preparation that focuses on high-quality ingredients instead of richness like the standard cuisine classique. His most popular restaurant is l’Auberge du Pont de Collonges.

8. Alain Ducasse-

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Alain Ducasse is an idol in the entire world.  He has gained 21 complete Michelin celebrities.  He began his career as a chef for the Resort De London  Carlo, Monaco. Revenue from Ducasse’s restaurant’s places surpasses  15 million per year. He has also been presented on the very popular TV display Masterchef.

7. Emeril Lagasse-

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A French- Portuguese- American Restaurateur with many restaurants in the U.S. Emeril has world impact not just in his bloodline but also his cuisine. He was honored by Wayne Hairs award for multitasking and is best celebrated for his Creole and Cajun  Meal Cooking design. He earns approximately $150 million a year.

6. Vikas Khanna-

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Vikas Khanna is the first Indian Chefs to receive international acclaim. Vikas Khanna is well famous for creating the most expensive recipe book in the world. The book was designed over a period of 12 years and information-rich history of Indian cuisine. The book costs $13,000, and only 12 have ever been made. He  has personally gifted his book to famous people including Queen Elizabeth.

Since 2011, his main restaurant Junoon in New York City are able to receive much popularity. Khanna has also worked with many other popular chefs.

5. Marco Pierre White-

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This British Celebrity Chef Marco Pierre has carved his position as the Godfather of Contemporary Cuisine by making comprehensive participation to modern International Cuisine. Also the first celebrity chef,  You know what sets him apart? He thought that sharing is how you gain and thus he trained like  Gordon Ramsay and Curtis Stone who commend him for his personality.

4. Heston Blumenthal-

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Heston Marc Blumenthal, the British cook has to his credit score the loyalty of scientific understanding in cooking. Quite some initiatives were necessary for his to set up his presence as a celebrity chef and person who owns several restaurants. He was elected as one of the best in the World’s 50 best dining places in 2006. He is the only chef on the record who is as enthusiastic about theory of cooking as he is for food.

3. Wolfgang Puck

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Wolfgang Puck is an American celebrity chef, restaurateur, and TV actor. Wolfgang Puck restaurants, cookbooks catering services, and licensed products are handled by His own Companies, with three divisions.

2. Jamie Oliver-

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Jamie Oliver is a British chef, restaurateur and well known media personality as he seems to be on both tv and radio ads and more. He has started his practicing cooking was the kitchen of his parents’ restaurant “The Cricketers. He began his profession as a pastry chef at Antonio Carluccio’s Neal Street Restaurant where he found more about Italian cuisine.  The BBC show “The Nude Chef” and Jamie’s 15-Minute Foods some popular shows are hosting by him.

1. Gordon Ramsay-

Gordon Ramsay-min

The Scotland born, Gordon James Ramsay is a British cook,  He has many successful and well-known restaurants in different nations around the around the globe but the most famous restaurant possessed by Gordon Ramsay is “Restaurant Gordon Ramsay” that is situated in Chelsea, London.  Gordon Ramsay is also a writer and TV presenter who is well-known for web hosting several shows such as “Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares”,  “The F Word”,  “Hell’s Kitchen”,“MasterChef Junior” and the favored cooking show “MasterChef”.

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