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Find 10 Stunning Places That Look Imaginary, But Are Actually Real

Have you ever wonder, if the world is full of imagination and but you found something real? These places on the earth will simply impress you and take away your heart.  Here is a rundown of most stunning, amazing and enchanted  10 Places around the globe that look nonexistent yet are in reality genuine.

10. Socotra, Yemen-

Socotra, Yemen

The strange island is belonged with Yemen and is considered as the gem of biodiversity in the Arabian Sea. Due to solitude and hot environment, plenty of endemic plants is discovered in Socotra. The plants that are discovered on the isles are known as dragon’s blood tree.

9. Lapland, Finland-

Lapland, Finland

Lapland is the largest and north most of the areas of Finland. In Lapland, you will come across winter dusk, Northern Lighting and the nightless night of summer. It is regarded as the cleanest area in European countries and proven to have pure air and naturally pure soil that produces only clean food.

8. Tulip fields – Lisse, Holland-

Tulip fields – Lisse, Holland

The colourful views of tulips is flawlessly beautiful and unbelievable that it can make your inner self-bloom. There would be nothing more magical than a spring vacation with the magnificent million tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, spring bulbs, lovely trees, all combined to make a colourful masterpiece. In Lisse is the Keukenhof is the most popular attractions which only open in spring when the tulips are in bloom.

7. Lake Retba – Senegal-

Lake Retba – Senegal

A Giant Strawberry Milkshake, this amazing Lake Retba is a lake known for real pink waters, caused by Dunaliella salina green growth in the water. You will be impressed by the unusual colour of the lake and its gold sand dunes on the other side. If you want to visit, keep in mind that the pink colour is more visible in from November to June, and less visible for the rest months.

6. Zhangye, China-

Zhangye, China

This is not an Imaginary, it really is real! This magnificent rocky panoramic view gives the sense of being painted, these colourful mountain ranges are made of different rock layers pigmented in different colours, while it’s a huge natural artwork that needed no brushes or paints to make the colours come alive.

5. The Stone Forest – Yunnan, China-

The Stone Forest – Yunnan, China

The most marvelous natural illusion on the earth, and it extends as far as your eyes can see.  Located in Shilin Yi Autonomous County, Yunnan, the Stone Forest or Shilin is the most striking arrangement of limestone developments in China. The manner of stalagmites, looking like petrified trees subsequently making the fantasy of a woods made of stone.

4. Mount Grinnell, Glacier National Park, Montana-

Mount Grinnell, Glacier National Park, Montana

Located in the heart of Glacier National Park in the U.S. state of the Montana, Mount Grinnell and Mount Wilbur is named after George Bird Grinnell.  It is a great spot for Mountaineering, climbing and hiking but not just on any month. It is a stupendous scenery that’s hard to believe is real, especially when the mountain changes red at sunset.

3. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia-

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Salar de Uyuni is the world’s biggest salt flat at 10,582 square kilometres. The inspiring flatness is where all the beauty lies.  It creates a dream-like manifestation of the crust… It was made as a result of transformations between many prehistoric lakes and serves as a source of salt.

2. Tunnel of Love – Kleven, Ukraine-

Tunnel of Love – Kleven, Ukraine

This place is for all young couples out there. It’s a natural tunnel that is made by the trees. An old railway track that hasn’t been used in years had naturally changed into this awesome tunnel known as the Tunnel Of Love. It is said that all the desires made in this tunnel are changed into reality.

1. Mount Roraima, Venezuela-

Mount Roraima, Venezuela

Looks like floating island, Mount Roraima is a place that 1200 feet above the ground, surrounded by three different countries- Venezuela, Brazil, and Guyana. Mount Roraima is truly the highest of the Pakaraima chain of tepui plateau in South America. The tabletop mountains of the open space are considered some of the oldest geological structures on Earth.

00. Crystal Cave – Skaftafell, Iceland-

Crystal Cave – Skaftafell, Iceland

Created by the mighty services of the Vatnajokull ice cap in the south of the volcanic island. The famous Crystal Cave is a huge underground fairytale of such striking colour and texture, as it has some of the biggest natural crystals ever found. You must be protected from the really high temperature and humidity in there if you want to experience how it feels like to be in this magnificent cave.

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